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Repeat prescription ordering

Repeat ordering

From September 2019 the way in which you order medications changed. Patients or a nominated person now need to order a repeat prescription directly from their GP practice.

Why has the re-ordering of prescriptions changed?

The main reason is to increase safety and efficiency. Many patients have said that they have built up a stock of unused medicines. These medicines are often not stored safely and not used before their expiry date. The changes address these concerns and give the patient more control.

The changes also mean that your GP practice will have a clearer picture of the medicines you do and do not use and this will help with discussions during your medication review.

NHS resources are precious and the changes will help to reduce medicines waste. In the Vale of York alone it is estimated that medicines waste management costs around £2 million each year. Savings made because of the changes will be reinvested in to local health and care services.

Medicines management

What hasn’t changed?

You can still collect your prescription from the same pharmacy. If you already order repeat prescriptions from your GP practice this change will not affect you.

If you receive your medication in a monitored dosage system, for example a dosette box or a blister pack, this change will not affect you.

How to order a repeat prescription

  • There are a number of different was that you can request a repeat prescription:
  • Order online via your GP practice website
  • Download and order via the NHS App
  • Tick the items you need on the white, tear-off section of your prescription and give to your surgery
  • Post the repeat prescription to your GP practice

Additional help and support is available from your GP practice and pharmacy staff for those people who find it difficult to order medicines in these ways. We recognise there are patients who may struggle due to health issues, logistical issues and there are exemptions for such patients. This can be discussed further with your local pharmacy or GP practice.

When to order your medicines

Make sure you have a 7-10 day supply of your medicines left before ordering, and only order the medicine that is needed. Surgeries need two to three working days to issue a repeat prescription. After this a further three days is needed for the pharmacy to process a prescription.

What happens if you need to re-order your medicine?

If you are unable to order your own medicines then a relative or carer can do this on your behalf. If this is not possible the staff at your surgery or pharmacy will be able to help you.

What are online repeat prescription services?

Ordering online is a safe, quick way to order repeat prescriptions. To order online you will need to register, which may require you to show identification and a proof of address. Speak to your GP practice to find out more.

You can order via the NHS App on your smartphone or tablet. You can also book appointments and access other healthcare services through the App.

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