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Humans of General Practice

GP Practices across the region have joined together to launch a campaign, calling for people to understand the many changes within General Practice and be kind to our staff.

The #HumansOfGeneralPractice campaign urges people to be more understanding, considerate and kind to their GP Practice team and understand the many changes introduced within GP Practices to help people get the care they need.

The campaign has been created by GP practices across the region who are part of the BRIDGES Group (Humber, Coast and Vale) which is part of NHS Collaborate, a national, supportive community of leaders across Primary Care.

Not only have GP practices stepped up to support the biggest NHS Vaccination Programme in history, they now face unprecedented staffing shortages due to high numbers of Covid-related absence.

There’s a lot more that people can do to help themselves and GP Practices are asking people to 'work with us, understand all these changes and be on our side'.

People are being urged to:

  • Think before they ring

    • Get to know how to go online to request appointments or ask a question

    • Download the NHS App to order prescriptions, view their records and so on.

  • Understand that they don’t always need to see a doctor

    • Advanced practitioners, nurses, healthcare assistants and pharmacists are also part of the team

  • Take personal responsibility for their own health, where possible

    • Try self-care  - taking over the counter medications where possible and using to look for healthcare advise

    • Use a pharmacist - most pharmacists provide healthcare advice and many will also prescribe medication where needed

  •  Be polite and respectful - abuse of NHS staff is not acceptable. Please bear in mind that our teams are doing the best job possible under emended pressure, so please be kind and considerate towards them.

For media

Media release



For General Practice

Please find below campaign materials and assets for you to download.

Please download these materials to use within your own social media, website, digital screens and other platforms.

There is also a template press release that you can use to get the message out in your area.

Template media release

Digital graphics

   EastParade-Gail-F&I     Priory-Abbie-F&I     Eastfield-Asif(1)-F&I     Haxby-Scott-F&I     Harrogate-Viv-F&I

These graphics can be shared on your own social media or on your websites.  

The graphics are all JPG files and you can download a folder containing all the digital graphics from Dropbox. Or you can save an image individually.


Film 1 - #WeAreAllPatients

Film 2 - #WeAreAllPatients

Film 3 - We are here to help

Film 4 - Please be kind

Film 5 - We are changing the way we work, using new technology 

Film 6 - We are changing the way we work, using online

Film 7 - Seeing the right people at the right time

Film 8- Helping people who don't use technology

Film 9 - We are Human too

Film 10 - How to stay positive

Film 11 - What's changed in General Practice?

Film 12 - Why can't people get an appointment?

Digital screen and website images 

The graphics are all JPG files and you can download a folder containing all the digital graphics from Dropbox. Or you can save an image individually.

Digital screen & website graphics - black and white

Digital screen & website graphics - colour 

GIFs - moving looped graphics for social media   

These moving graphics are gif files and you can download them from Dropbox by clicking on the links below

Moving graphic 1 - at your GP Practice things are different

Moving graphic 2 - at your GP Practice things are different

Audio graphics for social media

Audio graphic 1

More to be added here in due course

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