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When Should I Worry

Banner imageHaving an ill child can be a very scary experience for parents. If you understand more about the illness it can help you to feel more in control.

There are a number of common childhood illnesses that often can effectively be managed at home by parents and carers.  However, understanding when it is OK to look after your child at home and when to seek additional support can be difficult.

The When Should I Worry?’ booklet is for parents and deals with common infections in children who are normally healthy. It is not meant for children who have ongoing health problems such as asthma, heart, or kidney problems. This invaluable source of information provides advice on how to care for:

  • Fever
  • Temperature fits
  • Cough / chesty cough
  • Common cold
  • Sore throat
  • Croup
  • Earache
  • Not eating / drinking

Please note - You should not rely on the advice in this leaflet for children who are less than 6 months old. Babies younger than this can respond differently to infections.

Additional resources:

Copies of the leaflet available across the Vale of York in GP surgeries, pharmacies, libraries and community centres. 

The leaflet is also available to download here

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