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Unwell? Choose Well


We know that finding the right place to go when you become ill or are injured can be confusing.  By selecting the right service for your illness or injury, you're not only looking after your health but using your NHS services responsibly and in a way that helps hardworking staff to treat and care for patients appropriately.

Here's how to access the right care, first time where you live.


Common illnesses

Treat yourself at home with a well-stocked medicines cabinet and first aid kit.
Pharmacy Need advice about a minor ailment, illness or problem such as headache, diarrhoea or infection? Your local pharmacist can help and give you expert advice.
NHS 111 Feel unwell and don't know where to go? Call NHS 111 for expert clinical advice.
GP services Need care for an ongoing illness or are you concerned about your health?

Contact your local GP practice. 


If you need help outside of normal hours, call 111.
Urgent care services Need urgent care for illness or injury that is not serious, life or limb threatening?

NHS 111 will support patients with their symptoms and direct them to a nearby Urgent Treatment Centre or Minor Illness Unit if necessary.

A&E 999 For serious injuries or life threatening illnesses Call 999 or go immediately to A&E.

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