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Mental Health Awareness Week: Mental Health Services in the Vale of York

Welcome to the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group

In our role as a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we are responsible for planning and buying health services for the Vale of York area. This process is called ‘commissioning’.

We assess local health needs, create plans to prioritise and meet these needs and then pay for these services to be delivered to local people. We buy services from local hospitals, clinics and community organisations to provide these services to the local population.

With local GPs and our Governing Body we make decisions about health services based on the feedback we receive from patients and carers and the people we involve and this work ensures the services we plan and buy are shaped by the views of the local population.

What are Primary Care Networks?

We are working to support 8 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across the Vale of York. Learn more about this work here.

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Dementia Care Coordinators in the Vale of York

Posted on: 17 May 2021

Dr Helena Ebbs, a GP partner at Pickering Medical Practice and a member of the Governing Body of NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group, discusses ...

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