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Urgent Care Practitioners

What is an Urgent Care Practitioner?

Urgent Care Practitioners (UCPs) work across all seven practices in the South Hambleton and Ryedale Primary Care Network. Their role helps to create a more flexible primary care system by speaking to patients over the phone, seeing patients in surgery and making home visits.

The UCPs regularly have same-day availability so that they can be as reactive to the needs of patients as possible. By helping to manage urgent primary care demand, patients have less need to contact 111 or 999 – relieving pressure on those services in the process.

How can an Urgent Care Practitioner help me?

Urgent Care Practitioners (UCPs) are an important part of the primary care system in South Hambleton and Ryedale. They move between the local practices so that they know where support is most needed an any given day.

If a patient has a minor illness or an urgent care need, UCPs can work flexibly to make a first baseline assessment. Following this, they can initiate treatment for symptoms and liaise with a GP in the surgery if necessary.

Because they are based in practices, UCPs have access to patients' medical records and a greater understanding of their health care plan than other NHS services. This ensures that patients have continuity of care and the primary care team know their circumstances.

How do I access an Urgent Care Practitioner?

Patients living in South Hambleton and Ryedale can access Urgent Care Practitioners (UCPs) by calling their surgery. When a patient calls, they will speak to a receptionist who will make notes and allocate them to a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or an Urgent Care Practitioner. If the UCP is the most appropriate person to see or speak to the patient, an appointment will be made and the patient will be introduced to them beforehand.

This system means that patients are seen by the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Why are Urgent Care Practitioners based at my GP practice?

Urgent Care Practitioners (UCPs) are based at practices in South Hambleton and Ryedale because it is a rural area with a high number of people aged over 65. This means that patients are more likely to require treatment at home, in a way that meets their needs.

The UCPs also come from different medical backgrounds, with some having experience as paramedics and others having experience with critical care. This encourages a multi-professional learning environment and ensures that the primary care team has well-rounded experience.

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