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We are now part of the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership. Click here for more info.

York Integrated Care Team

We have developed, in partnership with local stakeholders, a five year vision for care of the population. Key to this approach are local hubs, also known as the York Integrated Care Team (YICT), which provide a central point of access to health and social care services.

The YICT was initiated by Priory Medical Group who designed, developed and implemented the care model which was born from the views of the local community who said they wanted fast access to care and support and to only have to tell their story once.

The YICT aims to:

  • Reduce avoidable hospital admissions
  • Expedite safe discharge from hospital
  • Enable patients to remain independent longer
  • Keep the patient at the centre of their care at all times


Following a successful trial with 55,500 patients the scheme was expanded to cover four York based practices (The Nimbuscare Alliance) and a rural practice totalling a population of 130,000. Subsequently, the scheme has been rapidly expanded to cover all City of York Practices totalling 207,000 patients.

The YICT helps keep people out of hospital and independent for longer by working directly with each individual to see if appropriate alternative solutions can be found. It offers continuous review and support which ensures that patients are optimised to stay at home.

The project has seen some encouraging outcomes and good levels of patient satisfaction. The team has been highly praised for its innovative approach to ensuring local patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time across the Vale of York.

Work is continuing with partners across the Vale of York and to expand the service across the local area.

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