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Adult ADHD and Autism Assessment

The existing adult autism and ADHD assessment pathway for York and North Yorkshire was commissioned in 2021. Since that time there has been a significant increase in referrals that has resulted in long waiting times for assessment.

We are currently piloting an approach which introduces use of an online platform to help:

  • Identify those with the most urgent clinical need for referral first
  • Provide support for people while they wait for an assessment

The online referral platform includes specific modules developed by clinicians in North Yorkshire and York. All those who complete the profiler will receive immediate functional guidance and a unique profile describing strengths, challenges, and the skills to develop at home, socially and in the workplace.

Intelligence from the online platform can help us develop relevant programmes and workshops for people needing support, including targeted information about functional skills such as time management, organisation, dealing with anxiety and low mood and understanding local pathways to services. This is consistent with what people have told us they want – additional support both while they wait for an assessment and after (see May 2021 engagement report).

The pilot was first introduced in March 2023 and we are continue to amend our approach based on the feedback we receive from patients, clinicians and the community. You can read more about the pilot and its evolution in the links below.

Through autumn 2023 we will continue engagement to help us develop and introduce a sustainable approach to adult autism and ADHD, particularly ensuring that people get support both before and after assessment.

Autumn engagement will include face-to-face and virtual focus groups with people seeking a diagnosis and those who have received a diagnosis, carers and family members, and local support groups. We will be sharing more details soon on how to get involved.

The adult autism and ADHD assessment and diagnosis service pathway can be found here.

You can find the Integrated Impact Assessment for adult autism and ADHD Assessment Service York and North Yorkshire - Referral Criteria here. This document may be amended as additional learning and feedback is analysed.

Pilot: online platform 

The North Yorkshire and York Platform for Adult Autism and ADHD Referral (originally called the Do IT profiler, but now renamed as it includes additional modules specific to North Yorkshire and York) has been introduced as part of the current pilot approach.

Neurodiverse conditions are complex and interrelated, they have high levels of symptom commonality with other conditions. The online platform takes a dimensional approach which consider an individual’s unique needs as a whole, rather than determining whether the individual fits certain diagnostic criteria and providing support only if these diagnostic criteria are met. Dimensional approaches are needs-led rather than diagnosis-led. A shift away from categorical approaches towards more holistic, profile-based, dimensional approaches have been suggested by some psychiatrists. This approach creates a formulation-based assessment and management plan based on all of an individual’s needs, whether they group neatly into diagnostic criteria or not. The key areas of challenge for that individual are identified with respect to their current social and physical environment and appropriate, holistic support is provided.

Dimensional approaches are also typically person-centred – they put the person first and consider them as an individual rather than a category or type. Person-centred approaches are often based on a biopsychosocial model of disability.

The approach taken with Do-IT Profiler is to understand the person in the context of their lives past and present and deliver contextual guidance dependent on the specific profile.

Update on the pilot: October 2023

Following additional feedback from our communities the pilot currently enables:

  • Everyone registered with the platform the opportunity to remain on the waiting list for assessment.
  • Health professionals to make direct referrals for people unable to access the online platform. First Contact Mental Health Professionals in Primary Care (GP surgeries) are also supporting people to access this.

'Update to the pilot' July 2023

Questions and Answers

Please click here for answers to frequently asked questions about adult autism and ADHD in York and North Yorkshire.



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