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Friends & Family Test (Feedback)

The NHS friends and family test (FFT) gives patients the opportunity to feedback about on the care and treatment they receive in hospital or at their GP surgery.

When you complete your treatment or are discharged from a service, you will often be invited to complete the FFT. You may be asked while you are still on the premises, or you may be contacted within the 48 hours that follow. Some providers may offer to return your FFT by post, or give you feedback over the phone or via their website.

Not all service providers will prompt their patients to do the FFT, but you can always give feedback if you wish. Most GP and dental practices, for example, display a collection box and feedback forms in their waiting rooms, so you can complete one at any time. If you do not see anything and want to give feedback, simply ask for a form at reception.

You can find out how a service provider scores on the FFT for most NHS services.

National results are available on the the NHS Website, simply use the services near you search tool, select your NHS service and carry out a postcode search.

The Friends and Family Test will provide balanced and meaningful views of performance that staff, patients and the CCG as a commissioner of health services will find very useful.

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