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Children and young people's mental health

Future in Mind and the Local Transformation Plan

Future in Mind (2015) set the direction of travel for mental health support across the whole range of local services, not just in health, but in schools, community settings and in Public Health. The Local Transformation Plan sets out how the local area, including our local authority partners will develop five themes:

  • Early identification, promotion of good emotional and mental well-being
  • Easy access to support at every level of need
  • Ensure that specialist services are available and there is support for vulnerable groups
  • Have a well-developed workforce
  • Be open and transparent about the work we do.

Under the Local Transformation Plan 2019 the CCG funds or jointly funds:

  • Community eating disorder service: the service treats those with anorexia, bulimia and allied eating disorders. Clinics are at Lime Trees Clinic in York. 
  • School Well-Being Service in City of York: there is a well-being worker attached to every school in the City, who works with staff and pupils on issues around emotional well-being, and also with a small number of pupils with autism. The service works with over 1300 pupils and their families every year, and is highly regarded by pupils, staff and parents.
  • Compass BUZZ/BUZZ US in North Yorkshire: the service offers training to schools and healthcare colleagues in Primary Care on recognising and responding to mental health difficulties, and also a texting service developed jointly with young people 07520 631168.
  • Mental Health Support Team in Scarborough (from Easter 2020): this team will work in a similar way to the School Well-Being Service, and is a pilot for two years funded by NHS England.     

Specialist community mental health for children and young people

The CCG also commissions the specialist community mental health service delivered by Tees Esk and Wear Valleys Trust (TEWV) for children and young people under 18, at Lime Trees Clinic in York and The Cabin at Selby. The service works with children and young people with emotional disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities and a related mental health condition, psychosis, and conduct disorders. It also provides the autism assessment service for children and young people aged 5-18.

You can contact the service on 01904 615300 or visit the TEWV website.

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