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NHS Electronic Repeat Dispensing Service

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) was introduced nationally in July 2009. Due to its many advantages, we are seeking to increase the number of patients using eRD. With eRD, eligible patients will no longer need to re-order their repeat prescription from their GP practice every time they need a further supply. Your GP surgery will do this automatically for you each month and send the prescription to your nominated pharmacy.

What is the NHS Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) Service?

eRD is a process that allows patients to obtain repeated supplies of their medication without the need to contact their prescriber when their medicines are running out. eRD allows the prescriber to authorise and issue an electronic batch of repeat prescriptions in advance that should last until your next medication review date, this is usually up to 12 months. These prescriptions are sent automatically to your nominated pharmacy each month.

What are the benefits for you?

  • No need to contact the surgery to reorder at regular intervals unless your condition changes.
  • Retain regular contact with your community pharmacy, who are responsible for checking that your circumstances haven’t changed since your previous issue of the prescription was collected.

How eRD works?

Step 1

Your GP or prescriber has authorised electronic repeat prescriptions up until your next review date. The review period is dependent upon your current clinical need. The medicine on these electronic repeat prescriptions will be supplied to you by your pharmacy at regular intervals.

Step 2

Collect your first electronic repeat prescription from your pharmacy. Ensure you let them know you are now on electronic repeat dispensing, as not all patients will be eligible for this service.

Step 3

When you need more medicines, go back to your pharmacy. Before dispensing the next issue of your prescription, your pharmacy will ask if you:

  • Have seen any health professionals (GP, nurse or hospital doctor), since your last repeat prescription was supplied.
  • Recently started taking any new medicines - either on prescription or that you have bought over the counter.
  • Are having any problems with your medication or experiencing any side effects.
  • There any items on your repeat prescription that you don't need this month.

If you don't need all the medicines on your prescription, please let your community pharmacy team know, so they only supply the medicines you need. This will help to reduce waste and save the NHS money.

Step 4

When your pharmacy supplies your final electronic repeat prescription in the series that your GP has authorised, they will advise you to contact your GP practice. Your doctor or practice nurse will need to review your medications before more electronic repeat prescriptions are authorised.

If you are happy to use the NHS eRD Service, please respond via the text message sent to you to consent and opt-in to the NHS eRD Service. You do not need to do anything, as your GP Practice team will set this up for you using your nominated pharmacy.

If you do not respond to the text message which has been sent to you, a member of the GP surgery will contact you to discuss this further.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact your GP practice.

For more information please see our Electronic Repeat Dispensing Service FAQ page.

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