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Priory Medical Group PCN

Priory Medical Group PCN is one of five Primary Care Networks (PCNs) covering the York and Pocklington area. The others are West, Outer and North East York PCNYork City Centre PCN, York East PCN, and York Medical Group PCN.

Due to the way in which the PCNs in the York area are structured there is a significant amount of geographical overlap between PCNs, meaning that certain services (like a pharmacy for example) will sit in several PCNs at once.

Priory Medical Group PCN is served by a single practice, Priory Medical Group, that operates nine branches serving a population of 58,396.

York place local priorities for 2020-21

  • The five PCNs in the York area cover almost 250,000 registered patients. The resident population of York is expected to grow by 2% by 2025, with the 60-90 year old demographic increasing by 10% in the same time period. Managing an anticipated additional 3.5% increase in demand on GP capacity, and 10% increase on community nurses and adult social care is a high priority.
  • Strengthening general practice resilience amid a national shortage in GP workforce
  • Managing the growing Care Home and Nursing Home population more effectively and collaboratively 
  • Improving partnership working between PCNs and with health and social care partners to better support system-wide approaches to meet population needs
  • Aligning Primary Care Home, Better Care Fund and the five York area PCNs to improve primary care integration


  • An increasing and ageing population will place a greater demand across all of health and social care
  • 10-year life expectancy gap between wealthiest and poorest wards in York central locality
  • An historic culture of GPs and provider silo working 

Partnership work underway

  • York Better Care Fund has a successful track-record of partnership and integrated team working, some attracting national recognition.
  • Primary Care Home (now York Health & Care Collaborative) is established as a commissioner provider forum representing health and social care including CVS at a senior operational level.
  • York Hospital, Vocare, Harrogate NHS Trust, and Yorkshire Ambulance, together with GPs, are starting to collaborate to redesign Urgent Care.

Dr Emma Olandj is the Clinical Director for Priory Medical Group PCN.

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