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News for Care Providers

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This page shows the latest news and developments pertinent to social care providers within the North Yorkshire and York area. This include updates around guidance and best practice, opportunities that providers can take advantage of including around workforce and training, as well updates from local services and good news from across our care sector. All providers from across the area receive a weekly Partners in Care Bulletin summarising news and developments relevant to them, and stories that remain current are listed below for providers to refer to. To view the full back catalogue of the Partners in Care Weekly Bulletin please follow this link.

19 February 2024- Have You got Medequip Community Equipment that Could be Recycled?

In January 2024 Medequip introduced a bulk care home collection speed. Medequip are aware that care homes can find it challenging when trying to arrange collections and as a result, often have a number of items that they need to collect at once. To make this easier, Medequip have introduced a bulk collection speed for care homes.

Care homes need to contact Medequip via the email address and let the Medequip team know the details (EIN number) of at least one item they need to be collected. This bulk collection speed is for 6 large items or more. For less than 6 items the normal collection process remains for care homes, which is to email Medequip and inform them of all of the EIN numbers and equipment details of the items they want to be collected.

If you have equipment that is no longer needed, you are urged to contact Medequip.  An email must be sent to Medequip to confirm as many items as possible to be collected (EIN numbers), this information will be passed to the commissioners who will review the request.  Once the request is approved, Medequip will contact you direct to agree the collecton date and location of the items on site. One the day of the collection please make sure a member of your team is available should Medequip need to be shown where to access the equipment.  

To view poster please follow this link.

12 February 2024- Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in Adult Social Care: Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) Guidance

On 01 February 2024, the government published new guidance which replaces the ‘COVID-19 supplement to the infection prevention and control resources for adult social care’. The new guidance is found here: Infection prevention and control (IPC) in adult social care: acute respiratory infection (ARI) - GOV.UK (

Please see interim guidance produced by the North Yorkshire Council Public Health Team available through this link. This will be updated when final guidance documents are released.  It is consistent with the approach of managing COVID-19 increasingly in line with other ARIs, made possible by high vaccination coverage, high immunity amongst the population, and increased access to COVID-19 treatments. Please continue to follow the local recommendations below within all settings:

  • Ensure business continuity plans are reviewed regularly
  • Continue to risk assess mask wearing in settings (should be worn when caring for anyone with suspected or confirmed acute respiratory infection)
  • Maintain a low symptom threshold to reduce transmission of respiratory viruses
  • Continue to report cases to UKHSA
  • Utilise testing for admission into settings, and testing within settings where appropriate, to support management of cases of respiratory viruses
  • Ensure you maintain a stock of tests and check for expiration dates        

12 February 2024- Introduction of ReSPECT Process Briefing for Providers

The York and North Yorkshire area is moving towards the adoption of the ReSPECT process. The aim of this is to promote a more patient-centred and consistent approach to advanced care planning. Over the coming year, you will see the introduction  of ReSPECT documentation and eventually the phasing out of the “red bordered” DNACPR forms. In order to support staff with this, a number of sessions are planned to talk through the process, and enable you to ask questions. The following sessions, lasting approximately 1.5 hours, are currently available:

  • 17.5.24  10. 00- The ReSPECT process: a guide for care staff – held on MS Teams; suitable for all working in the social care sector
  • 6.6.24 10.00- The ReSPECT process: a guide for care staff – held face to face in the Education Centre, Saint Catherine’s Hospice, Scarborough; suitable for all working in the social care sector
  • 19.7.24 10.00- The ReSPECT process: a guide for LD and autism providers – held on MS teams; suitable for any staff  caring for clients with learning disabilities and/or autism
  • 17.9.24 10.00- The ReSPECT process: a guide for care staff – held on MS Teams and suitable for all working in the social care sector
  • 14.10.24 10.00- The ReSPECT process: a guide for LD and autism providers – held face to face in the Education Centre, Saint Catherine’s Hospice, Scarborough; suitable on MS teams for any staff caring for clients with learning disabilities and/or autism

There will also be a session on ReSPECT on the Palliative care for care staff study day run at St Catherine’s on 8 July

Further dates, including face to face sessions in other locations across the area, will be circulated over the coming months.

To book onto any of these sessions, or to discuss how we can support your organisation with the ReSPECT roll out please email:


12 February 2024- St Leonard's Hospice MND Drop in and Complimentary Therapy Service

When: First and Third Wednesday's of the month 1:00-3:00 at St Leonard's Hospice.

This new service has been developed by St Leonard's Hospice in association with the MND Association York Group who has provided funding to pilot a complementary therapy offering for people living with motor neurone disease. Referrals for complementary therapy will be accepted from the MND specialist nurses. They will also be running an MND drop-in between 1pm and 3pm on the same dates. This is open to anyone living with MND and does not require a referral. Just turn up! For information be found in this information leaflet.

06 February 2024- Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in Adult Social Care: Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI)

On 1st February 2024, the government published new guidance which replaces the ‘COVID-19 supplement to the infection prevention and control resources for adult social care’.   

The new guidance is found here: Infection prevention and control (IPC) in adult social care: acute respiratory infection (ARI) - GOV.UK (

Please see interim guidance produced by the North Yorkshire Council Public Health Team available through this link. This will be updated when final guidance documents are released. 

It is consistent with the approach of managing COVID-19 increasingly in line with other ARIs, made possible by high vaccination coverage, high immunity amongst the population, and increased access to COVID-19 treatments.

Please continue to follow the local recommendations below within all settings:

1.Ensure business continuity plans are reviewed regularly

2.Continue to risk assess mask wearing in settings (should be worn when caring for anyone with suspected or confirmed acute respiratory infection)

3.Maintain a low symptom threshold to reduce transmission of respiratory viruses

4.Continue to report cases to UKHSA

5.Utilise testing for admission into settings, and testing within settings where appropriate, to support management of cases of respiratory viruses

6.Ensure you maintain a stock of tests and check for expiration dates

05 February 2024- National Patient Safety Alert- Medical Beds, Trolleys, Bed Rails, Bed Grab Handles and Lateral Turning Devices: Risk of Death From Entrapment or Fall

We are resharing the above national alert which was originally released in August 2023, following reports of death and entrapment relating to medical equipment. According to investigations, deaths were found to involve factors including inadequate risk assessment, maintenance issues and children and adults of small stature using beds which are designed for use by adults with typical body dimensions. The alert requests a series of actions for providers around maintenance, training and risk assessment. It is asked that all providers ensure they are familiar with the notification and take relevant action as appropriate.

It is expected that all providers as standard practice are registered to receive alerts directly to support the safety of those in your care. For information on how register please follow this link or contact

05 February 2024- Our Draft Guidance on Visiting Care Homes, Hospitals and Hospices: Tell CQC What You Think

CQC are asking for views on our proposed guidance to help providers understand and meet the new standard on visiting and accompanying in care homes, hospitals, and hospices. The guidance also sets out what people using health and social care services and their families, friends or advocates can expect. They would like to hear views from the public and providers, their representatives, and other stakeholders.

This consultation is limited to guidance about the new fundamental standard. It does not cover the scope and content of the visiting legislation itself, which was looked at by the Department of Health and Social Care’s own consultation.

The consultation on our guidance closes at midday on 20 February 2024.

05 February 2024- Rise in Measles Cases: Check You and Your Family Have Had the MMR Vaccine

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently declared a national incident as a result of a rise in measles cases across the UK. Measles is a viral illness that spreads very easily through airborne transmission. Measles is more than just a rash and can lead to serious complications including meningitis and blindness.

All staff should be up to date with their routine immunisations, including tetanus, diphtheria, polio and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). Two doses of the MMR vaccine gives 99% life-long protection against measles – you can check your vaccination status with your GP practice if unsure. Unvaccinated individuals who come into contact with someone with measles may be asked isolate for up to 21 days, which is the length of time it can take to develop the illness after being in contact with a measles case.

It is never too late to catch up on any missed doses of MMR vaccination; people can request any missed doses at any age. Getting vaccinated not only protects you, but also helps protect people you work with and care for.

05 February 2024- North Yorkshire and York Palliative and End of Life Care Group- Care Provider Representative Opportunity

Are you passionate about high quality and person-centred end of life care provision, and would be interested in acting as a care provider representative contributing to service improvement across our area? We are looking for a representative from the adult social care sector to join the North Yorkshire and York Palliative and End of Life Care Group, which is a multi-agency group with representation from acute, community, primary care, mental health, hospice, local authority, ICB and wider partners involved in the delivery of end of life care. The group works in partnership with key stakeholders to:

  • Collectively influence the development of improved palliative and end of life care services across North Yorkshire and York in line with best practice standards.
  • Promote the integration and alignment of services across key stakeholders in health, social care and the third sector system resulting in positive outcomes for people who have palliative care needs or who are at the end of their life, and also for their families /carers. 
  • Guide the provision of evidence-based interventions and best practice
  • To contribute to key pieces of work and support the development, implementation, commissioning and monitoring of palliative and end of life care services
  • Support and inform the existing palliative and end of life education and drive forward any key pieces of work where an area of focus is required

This in opportunity to ensure the voice of social care is heard and used to shape palliative care service delivery across our area to support best outcomes for those in our care. The group meets every 3 months via Microsoft Teams- though there will be opportunity to contribute to additional groups to support the delivery of key workstreams should you wish.  To express and interest or to discuss the opportunity further please contact or

05 February 2024- St Leonards Hospice Selby Wellbeing Hub    

When: Every Tuesday Afternoon 1:00-3:00, Communi-tea, 10b Abbey Walk, Selby, YO8 4DZ

The drop-in wellbeing hub is aimed at anyone living with a life-limiting illness, and their family or friends. We offer a listening and supportive ear in a relaxed space with refreshments available. Free parking is available at the Abbey Walk retail park for a maximum of 2 hours. Please find through these link's digital copies of our leaflet and poster.

Full details of wellbeing and outreach services available through the hospice can be found through this link.

29 January 2024- Positive Behaviour Support Update for Providers

At this week's Care Connected we were joined by Leah Whiteside (PBS Clinical Lead for NY and York, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys Trust) and Tanja Entwistle (LD and Autism Project Support Officer, HNY ICB) who gave an engaging overview of Positive Behaviour Support, the benefits to individuals in receipt of care and providers, and looking at how we can support embedding in practice. The slides from the session can be found through this link.

The team are currently looking to understand the current provision of PBS in our sector, so would encourage providers working with those with LD or Autism to please complete a brief survey to share your experiences. The next stage of the journey will be looking to establish a community of practice where providers can come to together to share knowledge, best practice and ideas and to support training and development.  For any further queries please contact:

29 January 2024- Trusted Assessor Form (TAF) Development Update- York and Scarborough Trust

During 2023, a series of provider engagement events took place as part of a wider review of the Trusted Assessor Form to meet the information needs of care sector partners, and support in timely discharges into the community. Over the last few months the form has been digitalised. To enable this to be as streamlined as possible, Physio and OT documentation electronic assessments into the system too and have reviewed the current nursing notes to enable then to feed directly into the TAF.

The first digital TAF was piloted in December and is currently being used by 3 wards in Scarborough and 1 in York, with initial feedback positive from staff. Further improvements to the form are being made based on feedback and training to staff on both sites is underway. Providers are thanked for their patience with this process and you should now start to see more of the electronic TAF's coming into your service in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback on the form please don't hesitate to contact

29 January 2024- VIVALDI Study- Reducing Infections in Our Care Sector

This new pilot will work with over 500 care homes in England to monitor infections such as COVID-19, flu, norovirus, and urinary tract infections, and analyse the resultant anonymised data in order to help reduce infections in care homes for older adults. his programme will work to enhance the wellbeing of individuals residing or working in care homes for older people throughout England as well as supporting the wellbeing of visitors to the homes. This initiative coordinated by University College London, The Oustanding Society, Care England and NHS England seeks to investigate strategies for minimising infections and enhancing the overall quality of life within these care settings. The collection of data plays a pivotal role in driving positive transformation within the sector, reflecting our commitment to research led by social care, for social care.
Due to the high interest in the project, there will be different phases, phase one will include providers who use Nourish or PCS, and we are working with other digital suppliers to include them later in 2024. Due to the workload for teams using paper-based systems and the security of the data, the project does not allow homes to participate who are paper-based only.
The Outstanding Society website includes detailed information about how to get involved in the project, including a practical animation helping you to explain it to the people you support, key information about how data will be used etc.
If you want to be at the forefront of new research, please e-mail:

29 January 2024- Resilience-Based Clinical Supervision Programme for Nurses and Nurse Associates in Social Care  

The Foundation of Nursing Studies are delighted to be launching a Resilience-based Clinical Supervision (RBCS) programme specifically for nurses and nurse associates in social care settings free of charge. For further information please contact for an informal discussion and to find out more about the programme.

Download the RBCS Social Care Flyer
Read the press release
Visit the website 

22 January 2024- Living Well Newsletter January 2024

This month's Living Well Newsletter from the ICB's Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Team (North Yorkshire and York) can be found through this link. This month's edition includes resources to support the upcoming introduction of the reasonable adjustments flag, learning from the 2022 LeDeR report and how to support those in your care access cervical screening and their annual health check. If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive the bulletin direct, please contact:


15 January 2024- North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Support Handbook- Now Available to Providers

We're delighted to launch our new handbook which is designed as a resource available to all providers to assist you in identifying, navigating and accessing the range of local partners who work together to support your team and those in your care. The booklet is designed both for individuals new to role or the local area as well as experienced staff- and provides an overview of key local teams who you will work with, training and quality improvement opportunities, health and wellbeing contacts, support for your providers digital journey, and how stay updated and engage with fellow care sector colleagues. We recognise the diversity of the local care sector and no one provider is the same, so we encourage providers to use and customise this handbook as best meets the needs of your service. There is space to fill in your own information and contacts for your local services, and handbook is intended to be a live document so will be continuously updated to include further local offers and information relevant to our sector.

To view the support handbook please follow this link.


15 January 2024- Oral Health Training Now Available to All North Yorkshire and York Care Providers       

Harrogate District Teaching Hospital's Oral Health Team have been commissioned by North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council to provide a programme of provide a range of free oral health training for the adult social care sector. Ruth Harrison from the team attended Care Connected to give some key oral messages to support our teams and give an overview of the training. The slides from the session can be found through this link alongside a Makaton tool that was also shared. There are three sessions which are available to all providers and staff groups across North Yorkshire and York. Each of these sessions last 1 hour and are delivered virtually through Teams on the following dates.

  • Oral health training for care home staff – Looks at dementia, stroke, denture care and supporting individuals with their brushing
  • Oral health training for professionals working with adults with physical and learning difficulties – Looks at how certain conditions can affect oral health and adaptations to consider to help with toothbrushing
  • Oral health training for professionals working with vulnerable adults – Looks at the impact smoking, alcohol and drug use can have on oral health.

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday 24 January 10am Professionals working with adults with physical and learning disabilities
  • Tuesday 30 January 2pm Professionals working with vulnerable adults
  • Tuesday 13 February 3pm Professionals working in care homes
  • Monday 26 February 11am Professionals working with adults with physical and learning disabilities
  • Monday 4 March 10am Professionals working with vulnerable adults
  • Tuesday 19 March 3pm Professionals working in care homes

To book your place or for any queries please contact Further dates will be added throughout the year.

08 January 2024- New Guidance on Alcohol in Care Homes

The CQC have worked with the University of Bedfordshire to produce guidance for members of the public and care home managers on the availability and management of alcohol in care homes. The guidance is based on a study on alcohol use in care homes which found that residents, families, staff and inspectors felt strongly that people living in care homes should be able to continue drinking alcohol when they move into a home. Speaking about the research and new guidance, CQC's Amy Hopwood said:

“This important research shines a light on the importance of care homes safely supporting their residents to continue drinking alcohol if they wish to, using their professional expertise to balance the risks alongside the individual’s preferences Just like anything else in life that is a matter of taste and choice, how care homes manage alcohol is a strong indicator of how well they are delivering good, safe, personalised care to their residents.”

The research findings and new guidance can be downloaded via the links below

08 January 2024- Directory of Services for Health and Care Professionals This Winter (York Providers)

We know that you and your teams play a vital role in signposting individuals towards the assistance they require, fostering a resilient and healthy community during the challenging winter season. A series of resources have been developed to highlight the support available to York residents to navigate winter with confidence and ensuring that help is readily available when needed the most, outlining the services that are available to support them to stay well in their communities over the winter.

This includes detailed information on a wide range of services that are available for care providers to access clinical support for those in your care. A reminder that for any providers with the Immedicare service in place, this will be your first point of contact for any urgent care concerns (except any threat to life situations which would go via 999). Following a clinical consultation, Immedicare would that make a referral to other services such as GP Practice, Urgent Care Response or Out of Hours GP should a face-to-face visit be deemed appropriate.

These resources are designed to support residents across the City in accessing support this winter, so we would encourage providers to please share with staff and families as appropriate.

DoS Information for Health and Care Professionals

DoS Information for the public

Looking after you and your family this winter - leaflet

North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Support Handbook- How Can We Support You?

08 January 2024- Saint Catherines Hospice- Palliative Care Education Opportunities for Care Providers       

Over the next 12 months Saint Catherine's Hospice will be hosting a further series of virtual and in person education opportunities available to care providers and their staff. Some of these are applicable to providers across the full North Yorkshire area and some are specific to providers within the Scarborough and Ryedale footprint. Further information on the sessions can be found through the below flyers or contacting

08 January 2024- Live Well York

At Care Connected we recently held a session sharing the Live Well York platform which is a service run by City of York Council in collaboration with partners providing an online directory of advice, health and wellbeing information, local social groups, activities and events. Please find through this link a poster for the service which may be helpful to promote with your staff and those in your care.

18 December 2023- Merry Christmas to all Our Care Providers and Partner Organisations

As this is the last bulletin of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas to you, your teams, all your families and those in your care. Thank you for continuing to work tirelessly, going above and beyond to keep some of the most vulnerable in our communities safe and well despite the challenges. This year we have continued to champion collaborative work across Health and Social Care, encouraging coordinated and integrated support for all care providers in York and North Yorkshire.  We have enjoyed working with you and your teams to compliment the proactive and innovative work that you demonstrate, supporting the delivery of high quality of care for those you support.

We have experienced first hand the power of how we can come together this year through initiatives such as the Care Provider Olympics where over 800 individuals took part to promote physical activity across the sector and the impact of the Improving Hydration programme where providers have embedded principles of positive hydration for both staff and residents.

Both programmes were finalists in this years Nursing Times Awards, celebrating the hard work of our care teams embedding the learning and sustaining change from these initiatives.  It was great to see so many providers represented at this month's Achieving Excellence Conference, sharing best practice and learning. Opportunities for engagement in initiatives to enhance delivery of care such as training and career possibilities such as the trainee nursing associate roles, quality improvement pilot in community equipment provision, digital support for care and research to name just a few.

We hope you all get a chance to have some well-deserved rest over the Christmas period, and wish you all the best for a happy and safe 2024.

Sarah, Charlotte, Sam and Kate

18 December 2023- LeDeR YouTube Channel Launched

The LeDeR (Learning from Lives and Deaths) programme have worked in co-production to make their reports and information more accessible. Lots of people find videos more helpful than written documents, so they now have a YouTube channel where the important findings are shared with recorded voices, useful graphics and captions. The full video of the report is also available in shorter colour coded sections. Click this link to visit the LeDeR YouTube channel.

18 December 2023- Registered Manager Legacy Mentoring Programme- Extension of Offer

We are delighted to advise that following discussions with NHS England, we are now able to extend our offer of support for the registered manager legacy mentoring programme to residential homes and domiciliary care services across North Yorkshire and York.

Please find through these links a set of frequently asked questions regarding the programme, together with an expression of interest form. If have any further questions, or would like to enrol on the programme, please email

11 December 2023- Information for Care Providers on Lateral Flow Test Supply

People who are eligible for treatment for Covid 19 are entitled to a free supply of lateral flow tests. The online portal and telephone service that was used for this has now been closed.  Supplies can now only be obtained by the person (or on their behalf) from community pharmacies participating in the scheme. If you support someone entitled to Covid 19 treatment please ensure that they do have in date lateral flow tests available. Further information (including what information the pharmacy will need to supply the tests) is available here.

Not all pharmacies supply the free lateral flow tests. You may be able to check by using the NHS "find a pharmacy" site and looking under the treatments and services section. Alternatively call the pharmacy direct for the most up to date information. If you cannot find a participating pharmacy please contact Rxline and we may be able to help.

For Outbreak Testing in Care Homes

Lateral flow tests for outbreak monitoring only should be obtained via the online portal It is important that these test kits are used for this purpose as they contain the correct barcodes for reporting the results. 

Further information for all providers is available in COVID-19 supplement to the infection prevention and control resource for adult social care which should be referred to.

11 December 2023- Achieving Excellence Together 2023: Recording and Slides from Event

Thank you for joining us at this year's Achieving Excellence Conference in York despite challenging weather conditions! It was fantastic to see over 150 individuals in person and virtually from across a wide range of our care providers, and contributing to a day of collaborative learning, sharing of best practice and collaborative quality improvement across our North Yorkshire and York Care Sector. Topics covered during the day included hydration for staff and those in our care, fire safety and community equipment, intergenerational working, the introduction of ReSPECT form across North Yorkshire and York and the development of the nursing role within social care. The slides from the day and recordings of the sessions are available through this link.

11 December 2023- Introducing North Yorkshire Sport     

North Yorkshire Sport is a registered charity and the Active Partnership for North Yorkshire and York. They use sport and physical activity as a driver for positive change to help tackle barriers to being regularly active, such as health, deprivation, training and employment and disability in order to build stronger communities. The team can work with an support care providers to assist you in delivering high quality and person centered activity for those in your care, and have a wide range of resources, activity ideas and links to opportunities to get active in your local community.  Further information on how they can support you can be found through their website or by contacting


27 November 2023- Digitising Social Care Website

The new national CARE-branded digitising social care website has now launched. Here you’ll find everything you need to get started with your digitisation journey, including funding opportunities, access to training, and hints and tips to help your organisation become more digital. There’s also a range of resources and articles to help build digital confidence in your teams. To access the website please follow this link.

27 November 2023- Positive Behaviour Support- Newsletter and Survey

Across North Yorkshire and York our mental health, learning disability and autism team would like to raise awareness of what good positive behaviour support looks like with all providers of care, and carers, to support you to enable our people with a learning disability and/or autism to live the best life possible. Please find through this link a short newsletter providing information and resources for providers.

We would also really grateful if providers could take a few minutes to complete a short survey to help the ICB understand the need for PBS provision, training and support across our area. There will also be the opportunity to add your contact details if you or others in your organisation would like to take part in a PBS community of practice..                   

06 November 2023- Suicide Prevention in Care Homes- Webinar Recording and Resources

The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities and Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Networks recently held a webinar to launch the publication "Promoting Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Preventing Suicide: A Resource for Care Home Settings". The resource has been developed  to offer further information and best practice advice around prevention of suicide, intervention with those at risk and action to take following a suicide (postvention).                                   
A recording of the webinar is available here- Please note: there is a content warning for this recording.

Additional resources which were shared in the chat during the session are listed below:

06 November 2023- Influenza Outbreak Packs for Care Homes

In order to support preparations for the forthcoming influenza season (including early detection and notification of influenza outbreaks by care home managers), the Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team organised  webinars for care homes across the region in mid-October. These webinars were attended by over 120 staff from care homes, local infection control teams and local authority public health teams. In addition to these webinars they have produced an influenza resource pack for care homes. They hope this will help care homes detect outbreaks of influenza-like illness quickly, and enable prompt notification and implementation of infection control measures. The pack contains the following

30 October 2023- Nursing Times Award Finalists 2023: Improving Hydration in Care Homes, and North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics

ICB Colleagues Michelle Carrington, Sam Varo, Charlotte Collister and Sarah Fiori attended the Nursing Times Awards finals in London last week, to celebrate the innovative work of providers and teams across our area in supporting excellence in access to hydration and physical activity for those in their care. Thank you to all those providers who have taken part in either initiative and made them success a success, through your hard work to embedded the learning from these programmes to put the prevention agenda at the heart of all we do. When we spoke to the judges in September, we shared powerful individual stories from across many of our providers as part of our presentation to recognise your achievements, and it was fantastic to see all your photos up on the big screen in London to put our social care sector in North Yorkshire and York on the map

23 October 2023- Calling all Learning Disabilities Providers- Introducing the Living Well Newsletter

The NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Team have launched their "Living Well Newsletter" which is aimed to support community-based support providers, by highlighting specific health issues and signpost you to useful and accessible information and resources. The October edition can be found through this link and includes information around the autumn vaccination campaign, annual health checks, breast cancer screening and a useful library of resources. We will continue to share this newsletter through Partners in Care, but to receive the newsletter directly or for further information please contact:

01 November 2023- Development of a UTI Communication Tool For Care Home Staff Pilot

The UKSA would like to invite providers to take part in a feasibility pilot study to support the development of a  tool to help care home staff look after residents (older adults) who may have a urinary tract infection (UTI), and communicate with senior nurses, GPs or other providers.  This project will ask care home staff to pilot the communication tool within their care homes for approximately 4-5 months. Information on tool use and outcomes will be attained through a questionnaire completed every month of the pilot by an appointed member of staff. Feedback on tool implementation will also be attained through a one-off focus group discussion with staff towards the end of the pilot. The main aim of the project is to develop a tool that can be used in care homes to:

  1. Help staff look after a resident (older adults) who may have a UTI
  2. Support staff to communicate with primary care providers and family
  3. Be practical and usable

For more information please contact An information sheet and consent form for providers are also available

23 October 2023- UTI Prevention and Awareness Toolkit

 Last week marked a joint campaign by NHS England and the UKHSA raise awareness of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) prevention, symptom recognition and treatment which includes advice on how and when to seek help. UTI’s are one of the leading causes of potential life threatening E. coli bloodstream infections among over 65’s. The campaign aims to signpost individuals, patients, carers and healthcare providers to a suite of resources, including films, posters and key messaging on how to prevent, recognise and treat UTIs. Information includes best practice, personal hygiene, self-care and the importance of staying hydrated. This campaign is targeted at: older adults (65 years +) who are at higher risk of the impacts of urinary tract infections, and paid and unpaid carers.

A suite of resources as part of this campaign are available through this link.

09 October 2023- Outbreak Management Update

As we head in the winter period, Community Infection Prevention Colleagues presented at last weeks to discuss how we can all prepare within our setting to manage and respond to outbreaks. The full slides from the session can be found through this link. The team encouraged providers to be mindful of:

  • Ensuring that staff are aware of IPC policies and they are accessible
  • Ensuring a good supply of PPE is available
  • Ensuring staff are trained in PPE, including donning and doffing procedures
  • Good hand hygiene for staff and residents/service users
  • Training audits
  • Staff to be aware of how to recognise an outbreak of infection within their area
  • Respiratory and cough etiquette    

02 October 2023- Capacity Tracker Provider Training Sessions

Did you know that regular bitesize sessions are available to support staff in updating the Capacity Tracker? These are designed for those new to updating the system in their role, or those would like a refresher. There are bespoke sessions for both care home and domiciliary colleagues, which cover the reporting requirements as part of the DHSC Mandatory submission window, and well supporting you in navigating the system completing all the individual sections within it. To access the upcoming dates please follow this link to the Capacity Tracker Resource Centre.         

18 September 2023- World Patient Safety Day: Hydration and Nutrition are Fundamental – Right! Easy to Achieve For Those Living in a Care Home – Wrong!

A multitude of factors affect good nutrition and hydration in people living in care homes some of which are attributable to disease process and natural changes that occur through the ageing process but there are things we can do to help. To mark this year's World Patient Safety day where sharing the work the collaborative work led by our team and colleagues at Sowerby House in Thirsk- where we worked to educate and support staff on the importance of hydration, and we empowered residents to have a voice. When they spoke, we listened, building a hydration and nutrition station filled with the drinks and snacks they wanted to have available to them. One resident was pivotal in the development of the nutrition and hydration station, she discussed how she would like to be able to access drinks and snacks throughout the day to maintain her independence and she was particularly looking forward to the 'Grand Opening'. Sadly, Janet passed away before the station came to fruition, poignantly it was named 'Janet's Station' in her memory. We celebrated this occasion with residents officially opening the station with a cutting of the ribbon ceremony. Early data has shown a reduction in both UTI's and falls since we began working together and the residents are enjoying their hydration station.

How are your team championing safety in care for your service users? Let us know and we would love to share.

18 September 2023- Freestyle Libre 2 Glucose Monitoring System- Training for Care Staff

A series of in person and virtual training sessions are taking place over the coming month available to staff working within health and social care to support you those in your care who currently utilises the Freestyle Libre 2 Glucose Monitoring System for managing their diabetes.  For more information and to book your place please follow this link.

11 September 2023- National Patient Safety Alert: Medical Beds, Trolleys, Bed Rails, Bed Grab Handles and Lateral Turning Devices: Risk of Death from Entrapment or Falls

The MHRA have shared a national alert following reports of death and entrapment relating to medical equipment. According to investigations, deaths were found to involve factors including inadequate risk assessment, maintenance issues and children and adults of small stature using beds which are designed for use by adults with typical body dimensions. The alert requests a series of actions for providers around maintenance, training and risk assessment.

It is expected that providers as standard practice register to receive alerts directly to support the safety of those in your care. For information on how register please follow this link or contact


11 September- Immedicare- Launch of Non-Medical Prescribing

There has been a recent change to the support that the provided by the Immedicare telemedicine service. In some situations, Immedicare clinicians will now be able to issue a prescription where needed rather than refer to 111 or other prescriber.

If a prescription is issued it will be sent electronically to a pharmacy. Please ensure that the details of the care home's preferred pharmacy for prescriptions needed urgently is available so that this information can be shared with the Immedicare Team. Where they are not able to issue a prescription they will continue to refer to the appropriate prescriber as before.

This extension to Immedicare services does not replace your usual ordering processes or supply of routine medication which should continue to be requested from the person's GP. Please cascade this message within your teams as appropriate. If you have any questions please contact:


29 August 2023- Excellence in Hydration with Westwood                            

The team at Westwood Care Home in Selby have been rising to the challenge as part of our "Improving Hydration in Care Homes" Project, and working to support wellbeing for all in their care through increased knowledge and understanding of the importance of hydration and working to ensure a wide range of drinking opportunities and supporting individual drinking preferences. Supported by ICB colleague Kate Fraser, the homes Senior Care Assistant Leanne Millward has championed this work both within those home and the wider community too- where Leanne has organised Coffee mornings on the last Friday of every month to promote hydration amongst the elderly.

The home have also recognised the importance of hydration to staff wellbeing- and have launched a fantastic staff hydration station, encouraging staff to have a drink on their break and remain well hydrated so they are in tip top form to care for the residents.

For more information on the Improving Hydration in Care Homes project, please follow this link.                    


15 August 2023- York Advocacy Hub Service Overview

Colleagues from York Advocacy Hub attended last week's Care Connected to provide an update on the role of advocacy, and the support that is available through their service. The hub currently provide six different advocacy streams. Statutory Advocacy: Care Act Advocacy (CAA), Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA), Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA), Paid Relevant Person’s Representatives (RPR) and NHS Complaints Advocacy. Non statutory: General Advocacy.

Further information on when to refer, and how to make a referral are available through the Care Connected webpage. If professionals are unsure about whether they need to refer, the hub are happy to be contacted on 01904 414357 to discuss eligibility

07 August 2023- Digital Social Care Records- Your Chance to Find Out More                                                                

Digital Social Care Records enable information to be shared securely and in real-time, with authorised individuals across the health and care sector. This helps to reduce risks and supports a more personalised care approach. NHS Transformation Directorate's work, in partnership with Digital Social Care, aims to support the Department of Health and Social Care's white paper (People at the Heart of Care) target of ensuring 80% of our registered care providers use electronic care planning solutions, by March 2024. This new video offers a useful overview of the benefits of using DSCR

Don't forget that funding and support is available to providers locally through the DREAMS Team. To find out more please contact:

07 August 2023- NHS Campaign Launches to Help Recognise, Treat and Stop Dangerous Constipation in People with a Learning Disability

Constipation can be a life–threatening issue for people with a learning disability who are at heightened risk from complications if it is left untreated. These resources have been created to help prevent, recognise and treat constipation in people with a learning disability. They are designed to be printed and used in home or care settings, facilitating conversations about constipation, and hopefully leading to swift treatment and improved outcomes for those people with a learning disability who are experiencing constipation. Resources are available to support people with a learning disability, their carers, and people who work in primary care.

For more information please click here.                        


31 July 2023- Announcing Our 2023 North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympic Champions

After a summer showcasing excellence in physical activity across our area, the providers who took part in the 2023 North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics came together last week to celebrate how teams have been promoting movement and wellbeing for all through the initiative. We can now confirm our 2023 champions are Kirkwood Hall in our Older Adults Category, and Sherbutt Residential and Home Care Services who have defended their crown in our Younger Adult and LD Category. Thank you to all the providers who have taken part in this year's competition and risen to the challenge to fight deconditioning and promote Health Creation within our sector.

Our inspiring 2023 highlights can be found through this link, and all the action from this summer including our final medal table and a can be found through our website.

31 July 2023- Multiply- Free Bite Size Maths Support Available

‘For employees looking to progress in their roles or for employers looking to upskill the workforce the biggest barriers are often fear of things that go back to school. Often potential learners cite fear of Maths, confusion with English and issues in the use of technology. All of these things are simpler to overcome than many people think with teaching and assessment support provided by individuals who recognise these issues and are able to support in removing these barriers.

One such example is Multiply, which is free funded bite-sized support that aims to build confidence in the use of numbers. Though it may be a progression to getting a maths qualification it is far from the starting point. Programmes target the ‘need’ for someone to use numbers,  whether that being navigating the cost of living crisis, learning how to eat healthier or support children with homework. Free interventions can be designed to build confidence, before progressing through incentivised learning and onto qualifications if needed. Multiply is just one initiative that can be supported by North Yorkshire Council’s  and City of  York Council's Adult Learning Service as similar free support is also available for literacy and digital skills.

For questions and enquires simply send an email to to arrange a short meeting to shape how we can support.

24 July 2023- COVID Testing for Individuals Discharged to Care Homes

We're sharing a reminder that there is still an expectation as per national guidance that individuals being discharged into a care home from hospital should have an LFD test completed within the 48 hours prior to discharge. The relevant exert from guidance can be found below.

Individuals being discharged from hospital into a care home should be tested with a COVID-19 LFD test within 48 hours before planned discharge. This test should be provided and done by the hospital. The result of the test should be shared with the individual and their key relatives or advocate. The relevant care should be provided within the hospital before the discharge takes place. Evidence of a negative LFD test result should be communicated by hospitals to care homes in writing within the usual communications provided at the time of discharging a patient to a care home. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 can be admitted to the care home if the home is satisfied they can be cared for safely. Individuals who are admitted with a positive test result should be kept away from other residents on arrival and should follow the guidance on care home residents who test positive for COVID-19. The period individuals should stay away from others is from the day after the positive test and does not restart when the individual is admitted into the care home. If the individual has already tested positive before the planned discharge, they do not need to test again if they continue to have symptoms of a respiratory infection and feel unwell or have a high temperature.

Where providers experience any issues around this we would have encourage you to escalate through their usual routes the discharging ward, and to the ICB if still not resolved.

24 July 2023- IPC Bulletin: To Dip or Not to Dip? UTIs in Those Over 65 years OR Catheterised Adults

The Community Infection Prevention Team have produced their latest bulletin covering whether to use dipsticks to aid diagnosis of a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Whilst this test has some diagnostic value in those who are aged under 65, it becomes more unreliable when the resident is over 65 years of age. In fact, residents over 65 years of age are more likely to have bacteria present in their urine which is not causing any infection. This is called asymptomatic bacteriuria. By 80 years of age, half of older adults in care, and most with a urinary catheter, will have bacteria in their bladder/urine, but not have a UTI. The bacteria in the bladder produce an enzyme which turns nitrates into nitrites which shows as positive on the dipstick. The positive dipstick result happens if the person has a UTI and if they have asymptomatic bacteriuria so does not help you diagnose a UTI if the person is over 65 or if they have a catheter.

03 July 2023- Skills for Care Deputy Manager Networks

These networks are specifically for deputy managers, team leaders and assistant managers. They are virtual meetings facilitated by a Skills for Care locality manager and are a great opportunity for deputies to meet the challenges they face in their day-to-day work. It is an opportunity to build connections and a peer supportive network, as well as to facilitate the sharing of best practice and learning. To find your local deputy manager network please follow this link

19 June 2023- Launching The Janet Station- Keeping Hydrated at Sowerby House!

The team at Sowerby House in Thirsk proudly unveiled their fantastic new hydration station last week, which is jam packed full of creative ways to support residents achieve a healthy nutritional intake including a wide variety of fruit, canned and dispensable drinks. The station was named in memory of resident Janet, who's feedback about the availability of drinks helped inspire and shape the team to create the new station. Staff have worked hard alongside nurse Charlotte Collister from our Quality Assurance and Improvement Team to really embed knowledge and culture to support hydration for all within the home- well done team!

For more information on our Improving Hydration in Care Homes Project and how you can get involved please follow this link.

19 June 2023- New One-Stop-Shop Launches for All Things LGBTQ+ Health and Care

For the first time in Humber and North Yorkshire, knowing where to turn for health and wellbeing support as a member of the LGBTQ+ community will be at your fingertips. A new digital hub has launched to make finding support easier for people who identify as LGBTQ+. Launched this Pride month, you can quickly find useful information, services, and support to help you to live a healthy life, as well as contact details for services near you. Visit to find tailored information on mental health and emotional wellbeing, screening programmes, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, and eating disorders. You’ll also find information on how to register with a GP practice near you and how to change your name and gender on your medical record.

Follow Let’s Get Better on Facebook for more tailored LGBTQ+ health and wellbeing information throughout June 2023. 

12 June 2023- National Volunteer Programme Extending Into Adult Social Care

NHS and Care Volunteer Responders, a national volunteering programme, is now available to support adult social care providers in England. Volunteers can help improve people’s experience of care and free up time for frontline staff to prioritise support for those who need it most. Initially, care providers will be able to make referrals for ‘Check In and Chat’ telephone calls. More services will be available soon, with volunteers able to support with shoping and prescription delivery. Volunteers will never be asked to provide personal care or undertake roles that paid staff would do. Making a referral is quick and easy. To find out more please follow this link.

12 June 2023- Delay to Liberty Protection Safeguards 

The Government announced it will delay the implementation of Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS). In an evidence session with the Health and Social Care Select Committee (HSCSC), Minister for Care Helen Whately said it was ‘one of the difficult decisions in looking at priorities in the light of inflation and pressures on resources’ and that ‘the decision was not taken lightly at all’. They have said they intend to publish a summary of the consultation responses they received and do accept the need to move away from the current process and towards LPS.

29 May 2023- DREaMS Team- Digital Enablement Support Now Available to Domiciliary Providers

The DREaMS (Digital Records Enabling and Management Support) Team has been put together by your local ICS to act as a single point of contact to support or signpost you to the most appropriate resources to help you make best use of technology. They have been working with care homes across the area to date, however are now also hear to support domiciliary providers. They are now proactively contacting providers to identify your digital needs and how they may support you. This includes completion of a survey to understand your organisations current digital maturity. The team are able to assist with any digital query, no matter how big or small. This could include: registering for and using NHS Mail, Data Security and Protection Toolkit accreditation, digital social care record usage, or issues with Wi-Fi/digital connectivity.

The team can also support providers with access to national pots of funding to support improving digital connectivity and implementation of digital social care records. To make contact with the team please see contact details below. The team continue to work with and support care homes in addition, and would encourage those who have not yet been in touch to do so and see how they may be able to assist.

22 May 2023- IPC Bulletin for Care Homes- Updated Care Home Infection Prevention and Control Policies

A new set of Community Infection Prevention and Control Policies for Care Home settings is now available. There has been a comprehensive review to ensure the policies reflect national IPC guidance. The most significant change is the inclusion of ‘Quick reference guides’ for many policies to facilitate timely access to key points. The full suite of policies can be downloaded free of charge through this link or are available to purchase in hard copy format. Details of the significant changes to the policies can be found through this bulletin.

Many providers will have had hard copies policy folders of these policies funded via the ICB or North Yorkshire Council in 2021. A reminder for those who still have the folders to please review and replace with the new policies where appropriate.

15 May 2023- Curious About Care- Values Based Recruitment Tool

Values-based recruitment is essential to ensuring you employ a compassionate, person-centred workforce that is committed to providing quality care. It can be tricky to know how to assess a candidate’s values and whether they align with those of your organisation. Skills for Care has worked with social care experts at University of York to create ‘Curious about Care’, a free evidence-based tool that can be used as part of your recruitment process. It allows you to explore different scenarios with a candidate to better understand their values, helping you assess if they are a good fit for your organisation. For more information please follow this link.

09 May 2023- Dying Matters Awareness Week: 8-14 May 2023

The Dying Matters campaign aims to create an open culture that talks about death and where people feel able to listen and support those who are planning for end of life, who are dying and who have been bereaved. The aim is to break the stigma around death, to challenge preconceptions and to normalise public openness around death and dying. Did you know:

  • Less than half of adults have made a will
  • Around 30% of people have let someone know their funeral wishes
  • Only 7% of us have written down wishes about the care we would want it we couldn’t make decisions
  • Only 25% of us have asked a family member about their end of life care wishes

There are a number of resources as well as quizzes, planning ahead tools and episodes of the Dying Matters Podcast available through this link for you to access in your service and share amongst teams.

24 April 2023- Menopause Awareness Training

This training is available to access free for all individuals working health and social care across Humber and North Yorkshire- Both those experiencing menopause and those playing a vital support role. The sessions focus on what menopause is, why and when it happens and ways of managing menopause. Participants will also gain confidence in having supportive conversations around menopause and how to get the right support together including the important role a partner, team or family member can play in supporting someone through menopause. For further information and to book your place please follow this link.

03 April 2023- World Oral Health Day 2023 and CQC Smiling Matters Webinar.

A number of providers across the area took part in activities to mark World Oral Health Day and raise awareness of the steps we can all take to support high quality oral health for those in our care. Thank you for all the teams and residents who took part in our oral health quiz and tested their knowledge. The winner of our competition to win an oral health resources, equipment and ideas you to service to support staff in delivering oral care personalised to the needs of residents will be announced very shortly.

World Oral Health Day this year coincided with the release of CQC's updated "Smiling Matters Report"- A full recording of a webinar sharing the findings of the report can be found through this link.

A range of further resources to support you and your teams is available through this link. This includes a video recording of our training session covering why good oral health is important, how to prevent disease, how to support with delivering daily care (including for those with a learning disability, dementia or at end of life), denture care and much more.

03 April 2023- Fire Risks Associated with Emollients

The fire risk associated with the use of emollient creams has been known about for many years. CQC have been made aware of another death of a person living in a care home due to burns sustained when they became engulfed in flames. CQC have published a learning from safety incident webpage. This highlights the fire risk associated with emollients and signposts to resources, including a short video produced by the MHRA and National Fire Chiefs Council.

It's thought that contributory factors included regular use of emollients, including paraffin-based creams, and a reluctance to bathe or change clothes, increasing the likelihood of a build-up of products on skin and clothes. When prescribing, recommending, dispensing, selling, or applying emollient products, people should be instructed not to smoke or go near naked flames. Clothing or fabric such as bedding or bandages that have been in contact with an emollient or emollient-treated skin can rapidly ignite.

Be aware that washing clothing or fabric at a high temperature may reduce emollient build-up but not totally remove it

03 April 2023- New Training Resources to Help Support Personal Relationships

Skills for Care and Supported Loving have developed a package of training materials to help social care employers develop the skills and knowledge needed to support people who draw on services with personal relationships. Everyone has the right to have personal relationships. People providing care should be equipped with the right values, skills and knowledge to support the full breadth of people drawing on care with their relationships. This is important not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it can lead to better outcomes for people who draw on care. To find out more please follow this link.

27 March 2023: International Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023- How North Yorkshire and York Providers Took Up the Challenge

Earlier in March we marked International Nutrition and Hydration Week, as an opportunity to highlight the importance of positive nutritional and fluid intake to the health and wellbeing in our care. It was also a chance for providers to organise their own events and activities to raise awareness and to celebrate the creativity of our care teams in supporting the nutrition and hydration of their residents. We've had an incredible response and have put together a summary showing how our care providers took part in the week, which includes lots of great ideas that other providers can take away and use in their settings. The week saw everything from mocktail tasting evenings to residents and staff cooking up some tasty and nutritious treats together, and from fun quizzes to amazing tea parties. To see how everybody got on then please follow this link.

The report also has details of the Improving Hydration Quality Improvement Programme. If you would be interested in taking part then please follow this link for more information.

27 March 2023- CQC Smiling Matters Report

CQC 2019 review of oral health in care homes found steps were often not being taken to ensure that people get the oral health care they need to ensure that they are pain-free and that their dignity is respected. This follow-up review of how providers have responded to its recommendations from 2019 showed that improvements were being made. The report shows there have been improvements in the understanding of how important oral health is to keep people healthy.

The review found:

  • Care homes are much more aware of the NICE oral health guideline.
  • More than double the proportion of care plans fully covered oral health needs
  • The percentage of care home providers saying that staff always (or mostly always) receive specific training in oral health has doubled
  • Inspectors remain concerned that people living in care homes are missing out on vital care from dental practitioners – both at the right time and in the right place.
  • Care home providers also highlighted that not enough dentists were able or willing to visit care homes to treat people who may be less mobile. 

20 March 2023- Care Homes COVID-19 Admissions- Update for Providers

The Community Infection Prevention Control Team have put together an update for providers shared at this weeks Care Connected, providing guidance for admitting residents during a COVID-19 outbreak. This covers the expectations around testing on discharge, and guidance on the risk assessment and the need to take account of factors including size of outbreak, care environment and uptake of booster vaccinations. The guidance for providers is that:

  • The registered manager can accept the admission, providing the risk assessment indicates it is safe to do so.

  • Care home providers must be able to refuse admissions where they feel they cannot provide safe care and they must not be put under undue pressure

For further information on queries please call 01423 557341 or email:

13 March 2023- Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care Awards- Nominate Your Team!

The Chief Nurse Awards are an opportunity to recognise the outstanding contribution made by social care staff, and celebrate those who go above and beyond in their work, provide outstanding care, commitment and inspiration to colleagues. As well as being able to nominate individual staff members for a gold and silver award, there is now also the chance to nominate your team! The criteria for the new team award is:

  • Recognising creative, innovative and effective team approaches.
  • Demonstrates high level of performance, capability and commitment that goes beyond what’s expected.
  • Demonstrates commitment to users of services through outstanding person-centred care which is recognised and supported by family, friends, or colleagues.

Further information on the award including the nomination criteria can be found through this link. We would encourage providers to have a think about staff meet these criteria and deserve recognition. We're happy to support with any nominations, and if you submit an application please copy us in so we can also celebrate the outstanding work undertaken everyday by care staff in our area..

13 March 2023- A Guide to What to do After Someone has Died- Practical Advice and Support

Saint Catherine's Hospice have a produced a usual resource can be used by care staff as well as families on the practical steps to be taken after someone has died. practical steps that need to be taken after someone has died. This includes what to expect around verification and certification of death, funeral planning, access to bereavement benefit and which organisations to inform.

06 March 2023- ENRICH- Enabling Research in Care Homes

ENRICH has been set up by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the largest funder of research in the UK. Improving the lives of older people living in care homes is a major UK government priority. In 2015 the ENRICH ‘Research Ready Care Homes Network’ was set up to carry out research with care homes. In the Yorkshire and Humber, there are currently over 100 homes signed up and we are looking for further sites to sign up for the network.

What are the benefits of signing up to ENRICH?

Signing up to the network can help you:

  • Take part in research projects which can potentially benefit your staff team and residents.
  • Enable you and your staff to learn about research that can contribute to better care for residents.
  • Receive information on best practice, research and training.
  • Have a named link person (your Engagement Officer) to research in Yorkshire and Humber.
  • Attend conferences chaired by expert speakers.
  • Promote your home through the promotional materials we develop such as blogs, newsletter and videos. 

What would your participation involve?

Joining the network is free. If you decide you would like to sign up to the ENRICH ‘Research Ready Care Home Network’ we would ask that you:

  1. Get in touch with your local ENRICH Facilitator Paul Atkin and/or Engagement Officer Tom Smith/Helen Permain (Contact details below).
  2. Complete the online application forms to provide the ENRICH team with some basic information about your home (e.g. size, registration and type of residents).
  3. Consider taking part in research (However, joining the network does not mean that you are obliged to take part in research). You are able to choose the research that is most important to you and your residents.
  4. Display materials such as posters and leaflets in your home.

If you would like to learn more about the ENRICH Research Ready Care Home network then visit

A great video recorded by Lizzie Hancock (Manager of Fulford Nursing Home in York) discussing the benefits of research in care homes can be found through this link.

If you would like to hear more about ENRICH and how we could work with your home, please contact Tom Smith (ART Engagement Officer – Vale of York) (07790771440) or email the ENRICH team on

06 March 2023- New Medication Guides for People Working in Adult Social Care

Earlier this month the Department of Health and Social Care published three new adult social care medicines best practice guides. These cover: 

Each guide looks at best practice in managing and recording medicines and can be downloaded from their website using the links above.

06 March 2023- Access New Qualifications Through DN Colleges Group- Open to All Health and Care Staff Across Humber and North Yorkshire

Through our partnership with DN Colleges, NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB are offering you the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications via a bespoke online learning portal. This exciting offer is fully funded and open to all health, care and VCSE staff and volunteers across our system.

The qualifications available are at academic levels 1, 2 and 3 and cover a diverse range of subjects relevant to clinical and non-clinical roles. There are also qualifications around quality improvement, leadership, equality and diversity and personal wellbeing.

To be eligible to enrol, staff and volunteers must be employed (paid or unpaid) by one of the HNY’s health, social care (including independent sector) or voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations. You do not have to be NHS staff to access the training.

Please note, there are no restrictions on the number of level 1 or 2 qualifications an individual member of staff or volunteer can complete. Level 3 qualifications are available to those who do not presently hold a level 3 (A-Level or equivalent) qualification.

Paper-based course materials and additional learning support is available for some courses. Please request this via the enquiry form here. Click here to find out more about the courses available and how to enrol.

27 February 2023- LeDeR: Learning from the Lives and Deaths of People with Learning Disability or Autism

Providers are encouraged to please read this summary of the LeDeR Programme, which anybody with a diagnosed learning disability or autism is referred into when they die. The overall aim of the LeDeR programme is to help reduce premature mortality and health inequalities in this population, through driving improvement in their lives and in the care that they receive. People with a learning disability and / or autism experience significant health inequality when compared to the rest of the population. Learning and themes are collated locally and workstreams are discussed via Local Steering Group, an all local themes and learning are fed up into the national LeDeR system.

To discuss LeDeR further- please contact

27 February 2023- Right Care, Right Person- Updated Briefing

In close collaboration with health and social care partners across North Yorkshire and the City of York, North Yorkshire Police have introduced a significant ‘Right Care, Right Person’ model designed to ensure that when there are concerns for a person’s welfare linked to mental health, medical or social care issues, the right person with the right skills, training and experience will respond.

In recent years, police officers have often been required to offer support to those who really require specialist medical or psychological care.  Under ‘Right Care, Right Person’, our officers will no longer be taking on this responsibility when it is not appropriate to do so. Indeed, police intervention can have a detrimental effect on vulnerable patients who feel they are being criminalised because of their health or social care issues.

The care will now be provided by the agency that can best meet the individual’s needs. Similar schemes have already been successfully adopted by forces in Humberside, Lincolnshire, Hampshire and The Metropolitan Police.

A presentation was given at last weeks Care Connected which gives more context to the changes and how these might apply in practice.

To view the full briefing- please follow this link.

22 February 2023- National PPE Portal- Check Your Supplies

The Government recently announced the decision to extend the central, free provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the health and care sector for protection against COVID-19, by up to one year, to March 2024 or until stocks run out. This means the scheme will continue to provide protection for frontline staff, as part of the Government’s Living with COVID-19 strategy. There's also a list of dates showing when supplies of individual PPE items are likely to end- Click here review the dates.

Please check the list as some may run out prior to March 2024 and you will need to purchase your own.

22 February 2023- Peppy Menopause Support

Are you struggling with your Menopause symptoms? Do you feel like you’re not getting the help or support you need? If your answer to these questions is yes, then the Peppy Health Menopause support app might be for you.  We have partnered with Peppy Health and have a number of app licences available to health, care and local authority staff and volunteers across Humber and North Yorkshire free of charge. There is an amazing range of support available within the app including

  • One to one consultation with expert practitioners
  • Symptom management advice and treatment guidance
  • Live broadcast events with expert speakers
  • Tailored mental wellbeing support
  • Peer support groups
  • General wellbeing and life-stages advice and guidance

To watch our short information video that gives you the information you need about the Peppy Health app and how to apply for a licence please follow this link . If after watching the video you would like some further information please email us at If you think the Peppy health app is for you please follow this link Peppy Application (  to complete our application form and we will aim to get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

13 February 2023- Disposal of Expired Test Kits

NHS Test and Tace have identified a number of COVID-19 test kits being registered are past their expiry date. They ask that you check the expiry dates of your test stock, both onsite and test kits staff have at home, before use and dispose of any expired kits. If you require replacements for any expired test kits, please place an order on the ordering portal or contact 119 who will be able to assist you.

If you have one carton of expired test kits these can be disposed of in general household rubbish or as clinical waste. The outer box the test kits came in can be recycled subject to your local recycling arrangements. 

If there is more than one carton providers must inform their waste contractor that they are disposing of unused test kits. This is a requirement of the Duty of Care regulations, as part of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to adequately describe their waste.

Please note Test and Trace do not collect expired test kits.

16 January 2023- Digital Transformation Funding for Care Homes- DREAMS

The DREaMS (Digital Records Enabling and Management Support) Team is our local a single point of contact to support or signpost care homes to the most appropriate resources to help you make best use of technology. Funding is available through the team for Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) or sensor-based falls technology.

To be eligible for the Digital Transformation funding, you must be applying for a system from one of the NHS assured suppliers for DSCR- further information on this list can be found through this link. A decision tree is available to aid your choice in supplier to ensure they offer what is needed for your specific home. This funding is only for new systems and cannot be awarded retrospectively. For sensor-based falls the NHS have not yet produced an assured supplier list, therefore when applying for funding please obtain 3 different quotes from companies as you may be requested to provide this information during the approval process.

Upon completion of the application form please provide a copy of the relevant quote for which you are requesting funding. The funding will cover the implementation costs of a DSCR or sensor-based falls technology, the ongoing costs will have to be picked up by yourselves. Further information please contact - to discuss further and for an application form. (If you are applying for more than one home, please submit a separate application for each home).


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