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North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics

Olympics 24

Access to regular physical activity for individuals living in care settings is clinically proven be important in maximising physical and mental health and wellbeing, supporting independence and promoting dignity. It can help to ensure what can often be the final 1000 days of life are optimised to experience the best quality of life and health possible.

In Spring 2020, care settings were mandated to close to visitors and minimise social contact to only essential interactions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Restrictions to external visiting continued for 24 months. This had significant impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals who suffered from reduced social interactions with families and loved ones. Despite the tireless work of care teams and activities coordinators, there was a significantly increased risk of deconditioning for those in receipt of care. Care home residents across North Yorkshire and York were unable to leave their home resulting in reduced opportunity for physical activity outside of the care setting. External activities coordinators were often unable to visit to support activity within the home or in the grounds as per national guidance at the time.

Deconditioning is a significant and lasting decline in the physical function of the body including reduced muscle strength and mobility.

The consequences of deconditioning can be severe and can lead to:

Deconditioning was identified as a key area of focus for the North Yorkshire and York Place, Health & Care Partnership, Quality & Nursing Team as older adults and those with learning disabilities within the care sector are at heightened risk of prolonged bed rest, a sedentary lifestyle and deconditioning. We introduced a targeted quality improvement intervention "North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics", implemented to support residents and staff to get up and get moving. It aimed to highlight the importance of physical activity and develop a lasting and collaborative culture of movement across care settings.  This programme has annual focus, promoting wellbeing and health creation for those in our care settings. For further information please access our paper here.

NYY Olympics 2023 Champions

NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB in collaboration with partners hosted the second running of the North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics in the summer of 2023- which saw a fantastic 800 individuals from 32 care providers across participate across 6 weeks. Our highlights video from this years competition shows the inspiring work undertaken by providers to support access to activity for all in 2023.

The initiative supports providers to hold their own Olympic style event to promote the health benefits of physical activity to those in your care. We know that by staying active together we can fight deconditioning syndrome- which can result in reduced mobility and muscle strength, confusion, poor mental health and increased risk of falls. By coming together across the region to celebrate and share ideas on how we can keep residents active which is clinically proven to reduce the risk of major illness by 30%.

Our Aims

We're delighted to announce the following providers are our champions for 2023

Older Adults Category

Younger Adults and LD Category

We also awarded the below commendations to highlight excellence in care demonstrated during the initiative:

We will look forward to seeing providers again for the 2024 North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics

2023 Resources and Olympic Bulletins

Final Olympic Winners Photo for Web

2022 North Yorkshire and York Care Provider Olympics

Over 600 individuals and 32 providers took part in our 2022 competition, and got moving to highlight the benefits of physical activity for those in our care. We were amazed by the creativity and dedication our care sector put into their events and creating a lasting legacy of activity. Our 2022 winners were:

To view our final medal table from the 2022 competition please follow this link

To view the highlights video from the competition including photos from all the competitors please follow this link

To view a recording of our celebration event sharing the achievements of all our providers and announcing the final results, please follow this link.

To see photos from the competition, and our winners receiving their trophies- please follow this link.

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