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React to Falls Prevention

React to falls

Falls can have a devastating effect on individuals and those around them. Physical injuries from falls can cause permanent disability which in some cases can be life threatening. Falling can affect a person’s quality of life; they may suffer loss of confidence and consequently fear physical and social activity.

In addition to the pain, distress, discomfort and psychological impact a fall can have on an individual; they also have a huge financial implication to health and social care organisations with an estimated cost to the NHS of £6 million a day.

As outlined in NHS England and Improvements Falls Prevention and Management in Care Homes (2019), everyone working in a care home has a key role in identifying and reducing the risk of falls as part of supporting the health and wellbeing of residents. It is vital therefore that care home staff are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to identify those at risk of  falling and take appropriate measures to reduce these risks.  

Our work

We are committed to supporting care homes in providing best care and is promoting the React to Falls Prevention principles in care homes across the North Yorkshire and York. The emphasis of this work is to reduce falls risks by implementation of a person centred, peripatetic approach to prevent and manage falls for each care home resident. Ideally all care staff should receive face to face React to Falls Prevention Training which is currently being delivered by the our nursing team.

Resources used include an educational video, workbook and self-assessment skills booklet which supports carers in recognising when an individual may be at increased risk of falls, and the steps that can be taken to reduce these risks. Care homes are being encouraged to use a ‘days between falls board’ to monitor falls and celebrate when days between goals are reached; along with a prompt sheet to help carers learn from previous falls, identify those residents that they have concerns about and discuss appropriate actions that as a team they can implement to help reduce those identified risks and concerns.

React to Falls Prevention’ identifies 3 key areas of risk: Physical,  Behavioural and Environmental; and the subsequent use of a simple framework that prompts carers to consider these risks and … ‘REACT’… to reduce the risk of falls.

The key messages are: BE PROACTIVE

  • React to falls before they happen
  • Support residents to continue to be active, mobilise safely and make their own lifestyle choices
  • Falls risk factors are individual to each resident
  • Managing falls is continuous process
  • Prevention of falls is everyone’s business
  • Involve residents in the prevention of falls

React to Falls Prevention is applicable across all care settings including domiciliary care and can be used by health professionals and informal cares alike.

An overview of the programme produced in 2023 shows the achievements and results of React to Falls in our area to data- including the ongoing objectives next steps across our care settings.


The campaign resource consists of five parts with accompanying documents to view or download which homes can work through themselves or have formal face to face training. The resources can all be found below :

Presentation Slides

Reducing the Risk of Falls Booklet

React to Falls Prompt

Days Between Fall Board

React to Falls Flyer

Self Assessment

Evaluation Questionnaire

Contributory Factors Tool- Designed by The Improvement Academy to explore why a fall may have occurred, and share learning and good practice to prevent future incidents.

Prior to viewing the slides, It is advisable for all staff to watch all 5 parts of the ‘React to Falls film’ as these will give a good baseline knowledge of both recognising an individual’s falls risks and the steps that can be taken to reduce these risks. The Film can be found at

Once on the platform if you select React to Falls Prevention you will be taken to the film. Once the videos have been viewed you can then move on to work through the slides. It is advisable to print out a copy of the ‘React to Huddles prompt tool’ and ‘falls booklet’ to use whilst working through the slides. There is a voice over on each slide which is accessed by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom left of each slide, this will enable you to spend as much time as you need on each slide. The slides will talk you through  how you can use the falls prevention resources that have been provided. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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