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Capacity Tracker


Capacity Tracker

The Capacity Tracker is a digital portal designed by the North East Commissioning Support Unit in partnership with NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care initially set up with the aim of making the discharge process into care provision more efficient  and improving a patient’s transfer of care. During the current COVID-19 outbreak, the tracker is also being used as the primary system to collect information to help support care homes and domiciliary providers both at a local and a national level.  Providers are being asked to submit information relating to COVID cases, workforce, PPE supplies and vaccinations among others. There are also a set of infection prevention questions which are required to be completed weekly in order to access The information gathered goes up daily to government and ministerial level to understand the challenges providers are facing, but also by local authority and health partners across North Yorkshire and York to target support to providers who require it.

  • There is now a CQC requirement for all Care homes and domiciliary services to complete the Capacity Tracker at least once during the period 8th-14th of each month- which acts as a mandatory submission to the Department of Health and Social Care.  
  • However we are encouraging providers to please continue to update the system daily where possible to ensure we have the most up to date information to support you, and to identify vacancies to allow discharges to be completed as efficiently and safely as possible.

Please help us to help you by continuing to complete the tracker, which helps us and partner organisations identify any areas in which you may need support as well as wider trends across local providers

For assistance or more information regarding the tracker contact

National Capacity Tracker Helpdesk- 0191 691 3729

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