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6 July 2021 Protected Learning Time Event

The last Protected Learning Time event took place on Tuesday 6 July 2021.  

On this page you can find links to the recordings and slides from presenters on the day.

Timings of the event

Keynote: Leadership of living systems:  Changing the way we change with Myron E. Rogers.

We are delighted to welcome Myron Rogers into the spotlight to run the keynote session. Myron E. Rogers is an author, speaker and consultant with a practice in large-scale organisation change and leadership development. 

In this workshop, you’ll explore the implications of the dynamics of living systems for the leadership of change.  People will begin to think about changing their system as a living system, and not as a machine.  People will have an opportunity to consider the implications of change work contemplated or currently underway.



Recording and slides


Influencing future recruitment and retention for nurses, early learning from recent PHD study findings

Presenters: Paula Middlebrook, Deputy Chief Nurse NHS Vale of York CCG. Cheryl Lythgoe, Society Matron at Beneden Healthcare with extensive experience in both primary care and the private sector. 

Description: In this session we share the early research findings regarding student and newly qualified nurses perceptions of General Practice Nursing and consider:

  • where these perceptions come from
  • how collectively we can influence and create an accurate shared understanding about GPNursing
  • what do we need to do to ensure we sustain our ability to recruit, train and retain excellence in GPNursing
  • what we can do, control and influence locally
  • what we need further help and support

This session will involve Cheryl sharing her early research findings and be interactive for us to share ideas and actions that we can take forward either within our own practice, PCN, CCG, ICS, Universities etc.  


Watch the nurses recruitment session video.

Link to PowerPoint presentation slides.


Planetary Health: practical steps and quick wins for the busy GP

Presenters: Rumina Önaç and James Bennett

Description: A whistle-stop introduction to planetary health in primary care, why it matters, and what we can do to help the NHS reach its target of becoming 80% net-zero by 2030. 


Online Consultations and the use of Klinik Software

Presenters are Dr Chris Stanley, Ben Wood (UK Director Klinik) and Shelley Johnson (UK Customer Success Manager for Klinik), Thomas Patel Campell (GP Partner Haxby) and Tom France (GP Partner Priory) 

Description: Overview of contract requirements, evidence, and support for online consultations. Klinik Software what it offers, what it costs and what's the future. Haxby Group Practice will be presenting a case study and questions can be submitted in advanced.

Link to PowerPoint presentation slides


CANCELLED - will be rescheduled for a face-to-face session at the October PLT. 

A review of ENT Fast Track referrals and how the pandemic affected them

Presenter: Mr Andrew Coatesworth Consultant ENT Surgeon 

Description: This session will cover:

  • the current guidelines
  • conditions that should be referred urgently but are not covered by the current guidelines
  • appropriate imaging for ENT cases, and
  • how the pandemic has affected our service.


Reschedule to October 2021


Lower GI 2WW through Covid and beyond. How FiT can help the patients on this pathway.

Presenters: Dr James Turvill and Mr Dimitrios Pisass

Description: In the first pandemic lower GI referrals decreased but the backlog grew due to decreased numbers of colonoscopies initially and the fact that each scope took longer to keep them covid safe. In October last Year FiT and blood tests were introduced to aid the risk stratification of this growing list. We will report on the metrics with recent changes and discuss the way forward for this pathway.


Watch the Lower GI 2WW session video

Link to PowerPoint presentation slides


Resilient Practice 

Presenters: Dr Karen Forshaw GP South Yorkshire and Chrissie Mowbray Physiotherapist/psychotherapist with NLP training 

Description: How self-awareness protects us from stressors. 

Practical tools to weave into the clinical day:

  • The Empathy Bubble – a meditative exercise to protect us from a negative environment.
  • The White Room – a meditative exercise to achieve mindfulness.
  • Visualisation exercises for between patients.
  • A Practical exercise to improve confidence and reduce stress.
  • The Power Retrieval – an exercise to recover energy we have lost over the day. 

Link to PowerPoint presentation slides


Getting the right care, first time - Self-care. Implementing self-care projects in line with the NHS England over the counter items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care guidance

Name of presenter: Laura Angus, Head of Prescribing/Strategic Lead Pharmacist, NHS Vale of York CCG and Interim Lead Pharmacist for Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership

Description:  As General Practice need to spend more time treating patients with complex health problems and long term illnesses it is important that people are encouraged and empowered to self-care for minor ailments and common conditions with, for example, OTC medications. By promoting the concept of self-care and increasing the awareness that there are alternatives to making GP appointments patients will be more likely to explore self-care in the future and reduce unnecessary GP appointments.


This session will take you through the basics of implementing self-care projects in line with the NHS England over the counter items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care guidance, identifying quick wins. We will also cover GP Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) which is closely related to the self-care work, encouraging the public/patients to get the right care, first time.


Link to PowerPoint presentation slides

Link to data pack to support presentation


Nimbuscare: The role of a GP Provider Organisation

Presenters: Prof Mike Holmes (Chair), Maddy Ruff (CEO) plus other board members

Description: This session will provide you with the opportunity to meet the Nimbuscare team and discuss the last 12 months. Hear about and discuss the progress that has been made as the organisation has developed to provide the vaccine service and taken part in the development of the Health and Social Care Alliance in York. Explore what role will GP providers will play in the Integrated Care landscape post April 2022. Expect this session to focus on how  the various places and local care partnership can learn from and work with each other. 



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