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Improving Hydration in Care Home Residents

Hydration-Think Drink

As part of the CCG commitment to supporting independent care providers the nursing team are leading on a quality improvement programme aimed at reducing the incidence of E.Coli bacteraemia across North Yorkshire and York care services.

Literature acknowledges poor hydration as a major contributory factor to a higher rate of E.coli bacteraemia across the locality, and with this in mind, the team will be embarking on a programme of work working with care staff to focus on supporting optimum hydration in residents of care homes. The team recognise many homes already have innovative ways of working to help support residents with their drinking,  homes will be approached by the nursing team with the offer to participate should they wish.

The programme will involve face to face training and the use of workbooks to explore ways of improving service user hydration.  As part of the project care homes will be supported to evaluate their current hydration assessment and monitoring tools and progress improvements where appropriate.  The training includes good continence care, catheter hygiene and includes advice around the 'No Dip' principles for testing urine in suspected UTI.

Through improving recognition and response to hydration needs of residents in care homes, it is anticipated that the following outcomes might be achieved:

The work has a number of drivers to help achieve the strategic aim.  Please below a driver diagram to provide with you an overview of the work and also an example of the resources produced which will support care staff in developing understanding in relation to hydration.

If anyone would like to be involved, or if there are any questions, please contact Helen Degnan (Senior Nurse, Quality Improvement) at 

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