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Oral Health in Care Homes

World Oral Health Day 2023

We have collated the below resources produced by Department for Health and Social Care, Public Health England and National Institute for Health and Social Care Excellence which may help you support the oral health needs of residents in your care setting

Click this link to view informative session delivered at the Care Connected Forum in November 2022, which provides guidance on how to assist the oral health of residents in your care, which may be helpful to show or cascade to staff. The session covers why good oral health in important, how to prevent disease, how to assess the mouth and plan and record mouth care, how to support with delivering daily care (including for those with a learning disability, dementia or at end of life), denture care and accessing dental support. The slides from the session can be accessed through this link.

As part of World Oral Health Day 2023 we encouraged providers to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health by taking part in a fun quiz to test their knowledge, and support further conversations about how we can support high quality oral health for those in our care. Pictured above are some of the care teams from across North Yorkshire and York taking up our challenge! To access our quiz please follow this link.

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