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Engagement training toolkits

On this page you will find a number of useful resources to help with engagement and planning public involvement activity.

Training toolkit for staff

We have designed a toolkit to provide our staff with resources to help them to assess the level of public and patient involvement that is needed within any project large or small. This helps our staff and volunteers to consider public participation within a project right from the outset. We use the NHS England patient and public engagement guidelines to help us with decision making.

This process includes tools such as a stakeholder mapping process, guidance for equality impact assessments and a template to address if the legal duty needs to be applied.

Here is a range of documents to help staff plan engagement activity and ensure that public participation is considered within a project right from the outset:

NHS England guidance

We closely follow NHS England guidlines around community engagement and find this document below really useful when planning activity.

Communications and engagement planning tools:

Here are tools such as communications plan templates, consultation matrix and stakeholder mapping.

Quality and Equality Impact Assessment

To make sure we consider patient experience, equality and diversity, we suggest that our staff use these useful tools.

Presentations about effective engagement

We have provided a number of training sessions to our staff and stakeholders about effective engagement. You can view copies of our presentaton below.

Training and support for patient representatives

Involving patients and the public in our engagement is vital to ensure that we design and deliver services based on what our population needs. We are very fortunate to have a number of key Patient and Public Voice Partners (PPVs) who support us with our work. We offer our PPVs places on training courses hosted by the CCG or partners such as NHS England. We also provide a number of resources (including those above) that shared with members of the public who take part in engagement opportunities within the CCG. These include our lay members on committees, such as the Chair of the Maternity Voices Partnership or Healthwatch.

Engagement presentations

We regulalry deliver training sessions and updates about the CCG, our work and our population to our community.  Below are a number of useful presentations from engagement training sessions, events or meetings we have attend. 

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