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Everyone’s help is needed in the fight against COVID-19

The NIHR have partnered with the NHS to launch a new service that will allow people across the UK to sign up for information on the new COVID-19 vaccine studies.

There are a number of vaccines being identified and safety-tested at the moment, but only large scale studies can give scientists the information needed about how effective they are. The new NHS COVID-19 vaccine research registry will help speed up scientists’ search for people willing to be involved in vaccine studies. This could potentially lead to an effective vaccine against coronavirus being identified and made available to the UK public earlier.

The service is available to anyone aged 18 or over, living in the UK. By registering, you are not signing up to take part in a specific trial or study. Instead, researchers who are working on vaccine studies supported by the NIHR will be able to search for volunteers who have signed up to the service and contact them with further information.

We need as many people to sign up as possible in order to speed up research against COVID-19 – sign up sign up online.

Join a research committee and help the NIHR make funding recommendations on world-class research, improving NHS services and social care in England.

The National Institute for Health Research is inviting patients, carers, services users and members of the public interested in health and social care to join a number of its national and regional research committees.
The committees include public members, senior academics and NHS clinicians and practitioners, who together assess research proposals and make recommendations for funding.  
The committees have an important part to play to help us deliver our mission to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research.  As the nation’s largest funder of health and social care research, we work in partnership with the NHS, universities, local government, other research funders, patients and the public, to deliver world-class research that transforms people's lives, promotes economic growth and advances science.
We have vacancies for a number of committees responsible for making funding recommendations in health and social care research. The research will bring together some of the best minds in the nation to develop world-class research to improve patient care and drive innovation in areas such as diagnostics and treatment models.
We are looking for patients, carers, service users and members of the public who are interested in a broad range of health and social care topics and research, beyond their own personal experience.
To ensure we do not have an overlap of skills, knowledge and experience with our professional committee members, we exclude applications to public committee roles from people who have, or have had, a professional role in health or social care services or research.
Watch this video to learn about how public members are making a difference.
For more information about the role, eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit the NIHR website.

Over 100,000 enrolled in urgent Public Health research

Over 100,000 UK participants have now enrolled in COVID-19 urgent public health research supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) - at NHS Hospitals and care settings across the United Kingdom.

Taking part in COVID-19 research is vital to enable effective treatments to be identified, evidenced and made available to NHS patients as quickly as possible.

However, despite reaching the 100,000 recruitment milestone, given the number of potential treatments being investigated, extremely large numbers of people are needed to take part. Clinical researchers and scientists still urgently need more participants to generate the scientific evidence required to establish an effective treatment or vaccine. Find out more.


Health research benefits all of us and is crucial to improving the NHS services that we commission on your behalf.

Improving patient care is at the heart of everything we do, with research and new innovations playing a key role enabling prevention of ill-health, earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments, better outcomes and faster recovery.

Within NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group we are fortunate to have a number of research-active General Practices, and there are many opportunities for patients to get involved in research. 

A number of our patients were recently recruited to take part in the BEST3 trial. This was an innovative test to identify if a patient has Barrett's oesophagus, a condition that can develop into oesophageal cancer if not monitored or treated. More information about this study can be found here.

How to Get Involved

If you are a patient and would like to take part in research you can:

  1. Ask your GP if there are any research studies that you would be eligible to participate in
  2. Visit Be Part of Research and search for a research study most suitable for you
  3. Read about current research

Our Current Research Projects

There are many different ongoing research projects and campaigns that you can get involved in. Find out more by visiting our current research projects page.

Information for Researchers

Additional information for researchers can be found here.

Our Research Partnerships

We have many local research partners who undertake research across many different areas within their organisation. Find out about our research partnerships here.

Useful Websites

There are a number of helpful websites relating to health research that can be found here.

Contact us about research 

NHS Vale of York CCG Research and Development contact details

Jo Holmes, Research and Development Manager

West Offices, York, YO1 6GA

Tel: 01904 555983 Mobile: 07594089998 or


Research as defined by the National Research Ethics Service (NRES) is: ‘The attempt to derive generalizable new knowledge including studies that aim to generate hypotheses as well as studies that aim to test them.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 places a statutory duty for clinical commissioning groups to promote and support research and innovation and the use of research evidence and, NHS England supports the goal for every willing patient to be a research participant.

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