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Current surveys and consultations

On this page we provide the list of current consultations that we are undertaking. We really value your feedback as it helps to shape local health services.

Have you heard about social prescribing – For Selby GP practice patients only

We would like to find out how many people know what social prescribing is and if you are aware of the social prescribing service in the Selby area.

Many of life’s problems can make you feel unwell. Social prescribing enables you to talk about the issues you’re facing and find the right services to support you. It is non-medical and involves a conversation with an individual about improving your health and wellbeing.

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Smoking during pregnancy

In collaboration with the York public health team, York Teaching Hospital and the NHS Vale of York CCG and partners research group we are carrying out a survey to find out more about smoking cigarettes/tobacco products during pregnancy and the support that people may need to help quit during this time.

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Student survey on health

We would like to find out what young people and students do if they are feeling unwell. This information will help to shape future campaigns about health services such as online, NHS 111 and accessing GPs.

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Inclusive mental health research (led by University of York)

Research shows that psychological therapies can improve mental health problems. Unfortunately we do not always know which therapy works best for whom. When researchers test therapies in a clinical trial, they only include a small group of participants. Trial participants might not be similar to the people who suffer from mental health problems in the real world. This makes it difficult to know whether different therapies will work for everybody.

This survey is to inform an application for research funding at the University of York. To make mental health research more inclusive, they need to find out who is included in mental health research, and how they could improve the way research is done.

You will remain anonymous unless you leave your contact details. They will not get in touch with you unless you would like them to. Completing the survey will take most people about 5 minutes.

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