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Annual engagement reports

Annual reports are a way in which we can showcase how we involve our community in the work that we do. We follow a set of guidance from NHS England to make sure that the reports are accessible and meaningful.

As part of our governance process, the engagement annual reports are presented to and approved by our Quality and Patient Experience Committee and noted by the Governing Body. We provide hard copies of the accessible reports and take them to events and meetings to share with our patients and public. In addition to this, the reports are also shared at our Annual General Meeting.

2020-21 reports

2019-20 reports

Engagement annual reports 2019-20

We have created a two versions of the engagement annual report for our difference audiences. There is the full version which is approved by the Quality and Patient Experience Committee and our Governing Body, an attractive designed version which we have taken out into our community.

2018-19 reports

Engagement annual reports 2018-19

Full Annual Reports and Accounts 2019-20

We also publish information on our patient and public involvement work and how we look to tackle health inequalities in the full Annual Reports and Accounts. Information can be found on pages 50-70 of the report.

- NHS Vale of York Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19.

Presentation at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 17 September 2019

Our engagement work was presented at the AGM on 17 September 2019. We invited York Carers Centre to talk about the collaborative work we have carried out to help raise awareness of carers and the support available.

- View the AGM 2019 presentation

- Read the minutes of the 2019 AGM - including information about stakeholders attendance, and page 2 reference to engagement.

Presentation of the annual engagement report 2018-19 at the Governing Body

We presented the Engagement Annual report at the Quality and Patient Experience Committee in June 2019 and at Governing Body on 4 July 2019. You can see that on pages 21 and 27-63 show evidence of Engagement Annual Report with all involvement activities being discussed at GB, and pages 45-49 and pgs 56-59 show difference public engagement has made.

2017-18 reports

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