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We are now part of the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership. Click here for more info.

Governance and responsibilities

We are committed to ensuring that patients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do. In order to ensure that we reflect our population we aim to have effective patient, carer and public involvement embedded in our work and in our planning processes.

How we involve the public in governance

We believe that involvement isn’t just the role of an individual or one team but is the responsibility of everyone within the CCG. Over the last few years we have created experts in teams across the CCG who support staff to develop their engagement skills though training, peer support and participation in engagement activities.1

How is engagement and the voice of our community fed back through the organisation?

Public engagement and patient experience is formally reported through the Quality and Patient Experience Committee (QPEC). This meeting focuses on quality of services within the Vale of York, and patient engagement and experience. Minutes and key actions feed into the Governing Body through a regular item on the agenda presented by the Chief Nurse.

At the start of each meeting we hear a patient story to ensure that the service user voice is at the heart of every meeting.  

We have a lay chair, Julie Hastings, and a lay Healthwatch member responsible for championing community engagement and ensuring that the views of our population are taken into account through all levels of our work. They regularly comment on our approach to public involvement and are critical friends in helping us to represent the voice of our communities.

The Governing Body is responsible for monitoring the CCG’s performance in relation to its duty to involve patients and the public in its work.

Engagement reports for Quality and Patient Experience Committee (QPEC):

For each of the committee meetings the Head of engagement provides an update about patient and public involvement. She discusses recent engagement activity and how this impacts upon commissioning work and decisions. This report is fed up to the Governing Body through the quality report. The most recent reports can be found below:

Our Constitution and engagement

Our Constitution sets out the responsibility for commissioning care for patients.  It describes the governing principles, rules and procedures that the group will establish to provide probity and accountability in the day-to-day running of the clinical commissioning group. On pages 12-16 of the document you will discover the key ways in which we will involve our population in governance.

How public involvement partners are involved in assuring community engagement

We have a number of lay members who sit on our committees (see above) to review our patient and public involvement. We also regularly attend a number of forums, and work closely with Healthwatch to ensure that the voice of our population is heard.

An example of how they have helped us to review our involvement, took place when we refreshed our engagement principles. During 2019 we went out into our local communities and ask what was important to them about how we involve our population in improving health and wellbeing across the patch.

View the presentation about involving our partners and patients in refreshing our engagement principles.

Watch the video below:

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