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Governing Body meetings in 2020 - 21

Please find Governing Body agendas, papers and minutes of 2019-20. Click here to view our upcoming meetings.

Alternative formats of documents and information

To request any documents in a different language or format, or for any more information please contact us:
•    Phone: 01904 555 870 
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Next Meeting
Date Time Venue Agenda and Papers

3rd September 2020

9:30am Online

09.20 Governing Body Papers (Please save instead of opening)

Previous Meetings

Date Time Venue Agenda and papers
2nd July 2020 9:30am Online

07.20 Governing Body Part I - ex Annual Report

Item 6 - Annual Report

7th May 2020  9:30am Online

05.20 Governing body papers

2nd April 2020 9:30am Online

04.20 Governing Body ex item 9

  • The papers for item 9 are not included as, in accordance with Paragraph 8 of Schedule 2 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, it is considered that it would not be in the public interest due to the nature of the business to be transacted as it contains commercially sensitive information which, if disclosed, may prejudice the commercial sustainability of a body.

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