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Bunion Surgery

Please click here to view the full Bunion Surgery Commissioning Statement.

Please click here to access the referral form. 

NHS Scarborough & Ryedale and Vale of York CCGs do not routinely commission surgery for asymptomatic hallux valgus (bunion), regardless of cosmetic appearance. Concerns about cosmetic appearance should not be referred to secondary care. These procedures will not be funded.

All patients should be referred to local podiatry services prior to referral to secondary care. (This does not affect the existing diabetic foot pathway). URGENT referral to Podiatry required if patient has a skin ulcer not healing.

Requests for the removal of symptomatic bunions will ONLY be considered where:

AND the patient suffers from either

The clinician needs to ensure that the patient fulfills all the criteria before they are referred to secondary care. 

Before referral patients must be informed that

Treatment in all other circumstances is not routinely commissioned and should not be referred unless clinical exceptionality is demonstrated and approved by the Individual Funding Request panel prior to referral.

Patient Information Leaflets: