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Back Pain

For procedures not routinely commissioned click here.

Patient resources (please click here or scan QR code)


This is a link and a QR code that we would like you to share with patients when you are considering referring them for further support through the pain clinic. 

It will give patients a little insight into what it is we do and prepares them to start implementing some of the evidenced strategies that we use to help them with their chronic or complex pain and offers them an opportunity to sign up for further F2F pain education.

Finally, it is also the place where they can give us some feedback.

Clinician Resources (please click here or scan QR code)


This is a link and a QR code to further resources including local and national guidelines on analgesic use in primary care; local funding restrictions for injection therapy; YSTHT pain pathways; pain clinic referral proformas and good research articles for your own CPD.

This is a work in progress. We can keep this link up to date with the latest guidelines for and hope that it will be available for you to access through other portals not just RSS. This is why there is some replication with other documents here on RSS. In time, to simplify things we may remove the other documents alongside this link so that you simply need to click the link to access everything.