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Shared Decision Making

NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group believes patients should be able to have balanced conversations with their clinicians about the Choices they have, so they can consider their Options and are then able to make a good Decision about the right treatment for them. It’s important to provide patients with all the information they need so that they can make an informed decision, supported by their doctor. Often such decisions will affect them for the rest of their life.

The NHS Shared Decision Making tools uses a five step approach

  1. Introducing patients to their health problem and briefly the treatment options
  2. Comparing the treatment options with more detailed information
  3. Consider the patients views and preferences
  4. Consider the Trade-offs – the advantages and disadvantages of each option
  5. Making a decision that’s best for the patient at this time

NHS staff should help patients by encouraging them to work through their options with support from their family, friends and their clinicians.

Shared Decision Making tools

One way to help patients is called Shared Decision Making. These can help patients understand more about their Choices and Options before making a decision that might affect the rest of their life. PDFs of currently available topics can be found below: 

Decision Support Tools