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Patient Education

Codes for structured education used for National Diabetes Audit 


EMIS SystmOne 
1. Referral for structured education 415270003 8Hj0 XaKGy
2. Diabetes structured education declined 306591000000103 9OLM XaNTH
3. Did not attend diabetes structured education 306861000000107
9NiA XaNTa
4. Attended* diabetes structured education 413597006 9OLB XaKHØ
5. Diabetes structured education completed 755491000000100 9OLF XaX5D

* Where a structured education course consists of more than one session, and the patient only attends some of the sessions then, enter a Read Code of attended.

If the patient attends all the sessions and completes the course enter a Read Code of completed.