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Alcohol and Drugs


Primary Care Networks and York Drug and Alcohol Service Standard Operating Protocol

For an overview of support available around alcohol and drug use in York see:

Family Services for those affected by someone else's substance use in York 

For promotion to all York adult patients: Lower My Drinking – York’s alcohol quiz and advice website

York residents have free access to Lower My Drinking, York’s alcohol quiz and advice website: Based on the quiz (AUDIT questionnaire) results, it provides tailored information around the effects alcohol has on health and wellbeing, low risk drinking levels and relevant support available in York. The website is relevant for 18yrs+, however much alcohol someone usually drinks.

City of York residents can also download the Lower My Drinking phone app to help with setting goals around alcohol, identifying difficult situations and planning how to manage them, and keeping an eye on progress. The app is FREE of charge from the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

For more information on Lower My Drinking, please contact

Free Naloxone training and distribution: York Naloxone Knights

You may be aware that very strong synthetic opioids known as Nitazenes are posing additional risk to people who use drugs in the UK and testing recently confirmed the presence of Nitazenes in York. Anyone can carry Naloxone, the antidote that buys time in the case of an opiate overdose, and access free training on how to use it (see York Naloxone Knights flyer).

Contact the York Naloxone Knights to arrange free training and supplies:

People who use opiates and their family members are encouraged to enquire on an individual basis too.

York Drug & Alcohol Service – run by Changing Lives and Spectrum CIC 

York Drug and Alcohol Service provide specialist support for people wanting to be free from dependency on drugs and/or alcohol, as well as young people who are affected by someone else’s substance use. See our website for information on the range of services offered, and for contact details and an online contact form for referrals (scroll down to the bottom of the page): York Drug & Alcohol Services‍ | Changing Lives (

Changing Habits – support to build new ways for coping with life's challenges and reduce alcohol consumption to low risk levels

Changing Habits is a York service for people who are not physically dependent on alcohol but whose alcohol consumption may be starting to cause health or relationship problems. We offer help for your patient to build new ways of coping with life's challenges and reduce their alcohol consumption to low risk levels. We envisage that most Changing Habits clients will have scores of 10-18 from a full AUDIT, but we will ensure that your patients get to the right service, whatever level of support they need, and can introduce them to City of York Council Health Trainers or mainstream York Drug and Alcohol Service if that is more appropriate for them. Changing Habits is part of York Drug and Alcohol Service run by Changing Lives but has been given its own branding to help it feel relevant to a wider audience.

Referrals to Changing Habits are by phone or via the online contact form, and self-referrals are also very welcome:

For more information on the service, please contact the team: 01904 621776 or


North Yorkshire Horizons (Adults) and North Yorkshire Rise (Young People) - run by HumanKind

North Yorkshire Horizons (specialist service for adults wanting to be free from drugs or alcohol misuse) and North Yorkshire Rise (specialist service for young people aged 10-19, or 24 with SEND) have a single point of contact: 01723 330730 / freephone 08000 141480. Website:

NY Horizons - leaflet 
NY Rise - leaflet

North Yorkshire practice based drug and alcohol treatment services

Any practices who wish to participate in the delivery of practice based drug and alcohol treatment services and are not currently contracted via the North Yorkshire County Council Approved Provider List should contact:  


City of York