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York Integrated Care Team praised unanimously in patient survey

The York Integrated Care Team (YICT) has received a glowing report from users of its services, a survey has revealed.

The YICT involves the city’s healthcare and social care providers and voluntary groups working together with vulnerable people to keep them out of hospital and independent for longer.

The YICT was commissioned in 2015 by the NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and initiated by local practice Priory Medical Group, which designed, developed and implemented the care model.

It was born from the views of the local community who said they wanted fast access to care and support and to only have to tell their story once. The success of the care model has led to it being adopted by several other local practices, including Haxby Group, MyHealth and Unity Health, as well as in Pocklington and Selby.

A survey conducted by the CCG and Priory Medical Group revealed that the YICT care model is proving popular with patients who have benefited from having a central point of access to health and social care services.

Every one of the 43 people who completed a survey said they were ‘very happy’ when asked to rate the service provided by the YICT. One patient described the YICT as a “very supportive and valued service”, while another said they “did not realise this service or kindness existed”.

Some 75% (32) of those surveyed felt that the service helped to improve their health or condition, while 93% (39) revealed that they were involved in decisions about their care.

“I have been impressed with the joined-up intervention from the point of leaving A&E,” one patient commented. While another added that they were “impressed by the joined up service from A& E onwards”.

Every one of the 37 patients who answered the particular survey question felt that the service for was easy to contact, while a number of respondents described the service as ‘excellent’.

“It is good to know that there is someone to turn to when something is worrying you but you feel that it isn’t serious enough to justify a visit to your GP,” one patient said.

Another added: “The knowledge that someone will be paying a visit to see if help is needed with an everyday task and a chat alone makes this day seem brighter.”

The survey also revealed many examples of when the YICT went above and beyond to help, with one patient revealing that one of the YICT nurses went to Argos to buy them another kettle when theirs broke.

Dr Shaun O’Connell, the CCG’s joint medical director, said: “We know that most patients prefer to stay at home if they can access the right support and the York Integrated Care Team is vital in enabling so many patients to do this.

“It’s really encouraging to see so many different organisations working together to provide the best possible care for patients and rewarding to learn that they are extremely happy with the services provided by the York Integrated Care Team.”

Dr Lesley Godfrey, YICT clinical lead and partner at Priory Medical Group, said: “The team have invested time in working with other organisations to provide an integrated joined up service, it is rewarding to get positive feedback about the service.

“We believe that all the teams working in the community, including the community and voluntary organisations are much better working together. We will continue to provide the right care at the right time in the right place whenever this is possible, and develop and improve the service into the future”

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