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Female Urinary Incontinence Service

York Hospital runs two linked services for management of female urinary incontinence. Cases are reviewed for management at combined MDTs.


• Urge Incontinence pathway; with flexible cystoscopy and intra-vesical Botox for failed medical therapy. This is done under LA. Pre- and post-operative support is offered by a Urology Specialist Nurse.
• Stress Incontinence; vaginal tape therapy ( under LA) and post-op support.
• Offers a One-stop clinic for assessment of other Urinary Symptoms eg. Painful micturition.

• Offers the above services, but surgical interventions are performed under GA.
• Incontinence in combination with significant prolapse should be referred to this service.
• Offers uro-dynamics and diagnostic testing for other urinary symptoms.


• For Stress Incontinence:
o A 3 month course of pelvic floor exercise under the supervision of either a physiotherapist or continence advisor.
o Review at the end of the course.  If there is no improvement then refer with bladder diary

• For Overactive Bladder and Urge Incontinence see the overactive bladder pathway

Referral to the Urinary Incontinence Service, Urology Department, York Teaching Hospital - click here

Information to include in referral letter

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