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Remuneration of Chief Clinical Officer

Please find below a response following recent media coverage about the remuneration of our CCG's Chief Clinical Officer

As a clinically led organisation, the Chief Clinical Officer provides expert knowledge, guidance and leadership that has steered the organisation to successfully wiping the deficit passed on to the CCG from North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust.

His clinical leadership has enabled the CCG to develop plans for the next five years, overseeing the team and holding it to account on the delivery of targets and its commitment to the NHS Constitution.

Dr Hayes has more than 30 years of invaluable experience in healthcare including working as local GP, through to the Chairman of Selby Primary Care group and a founder board member and Chairman of York Health Group. During 2013/14 Dr Hayes also provided a number of days in relation to work as an Associate for the Health Foundation.

NHS England encourages CCGs to follow the arrangements set out in its remuneration guidance document which gives CCGs the flexibility to determine, review, and operate their own pay arrangements for senior managers who undertake the roles of Chief Officer and Chief Finance Officer.

NHS England key principles for executive remuneration
The CCG has followed the principles which are informed by and consistent with the principles set out in the Will Hutton Fair Pay Review: The following are relevant to the setting of the CCG’s Chief Clinical Officer’s salary:

The CCG follows this appropriately and delegates the authority to an established Remuneration Committee.
The CCG would like to point out and clarify that he following factors have also influenced the Chief Clinical Officer’s salary:

In this case, the CCG’s Chief Clinical Officer salary takes into account the invaluable experience of previously working as a local GP and the expertise and leadership qualities he brings from senior and executive roles in healthcare.

Dr Hayes continues to provide the CCG with the strategic direction and performance guidance to deliver the NHS constitution and also local priorities, whilst maintaining close relationships with health and care providers, local government colleagues and other stakeholders.

He will receive a pro-rated hourly rate of pay that continues to be in line with similar positions in the local health economy and reflective of the actual number of working days per week.

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