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Re media coverage Thursday 27 August 2015 - ‘Mental health spending has reduced by one per cent in York’

Disappointingly, the CCG was not contacted to provide any comment, view or clarity around the latest claims of a reduction in mental health spending for the Vale of York.

The CCG would like to assure the Vale of York community that the claims are incorrect and that in fact, since its inception, the CCG has invested additional money in mental health and learning disability services through the following projects:

The 2014-15 expenditure on mental health and learning disabilities services, through mental health providers was £38.3million

The 2015-16 budget, to deliver mental health and learning disabilities service through mental health providers is £38.9million - an increase of 1.6%.

In total, including the CCG’s allocated budget for mental health and learning disabilities service providers and programme costs in other areas, the increase in spending in 2015-16 is 2.48%.

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