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Pregnant women urged to arm themselves against flu

The local NHS is advising expecting mothers across the Vale of York to protect themselves and their baby against flu.

Pregnant women are at high risk of suffering the ill effects of flu, making them a priority group for the seasonal flu vaccination this winter.

During pregnancy, the immune system is naturally suppressed. Because of this, not only are pregnant women more likely to catch flu, they are also more prone to develop complications as a result of flu, including pneumonia, difficulty breathing and dehydration.

The flu vaccine can be safely and effectively administered during any stage of pregnancy and the vaccine itself does not present an increased risk of complications to either the mother or baby.

Lucy Botting, Chief Nurse at NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “I urge pregnant women to consider the option of being vaccinated and if they have any concerns to talk to their GP, practice nurse or midwife.

“The flu jab is available free of charge on the NHS to eligible groups. Pregnant women and other eligible patients should contact their GP practice to make an appointment to get the jab.”

Other groups of people who are deemed ‘at risk’ of developing serious complications from flu, and who are urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible, are people aged 65 and over, and children and adults living with a long term health condition such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease. Carers, 2-4 years olds, and those living in nursing or residential homes are also offered the vaccine, as well as front line health and social care workers.

For more information about the seasonal flu vaccine, please visit:

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