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Joint Media Statement regarding York Falls Service

The falls service provided by York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (YTHFT) will no longer be commissioned from January 2015. The team has provided an excellent service and has been valued by patients, however as research has shown little evidence that a dedicated falls service significantly prevents falls, new approaches to care are required.

We know that staff and patients have expressed concerns about the changes. Staff have been fully briefed and are aware of the situation and the reasons for the change. We are committed to help individuals seek redeployment into vacant posts at the Trust through a fair and open process, according to their skills and experience.

Patients can be assured that the assessment of falls will continue through the following existing networks:

YTHFT and NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group are confident that no patient or member of the community will be put 'at risk' as a result of the new way of working. 

The prevention of falls remains a priority for the CCG and it is working very closely with its local authority partners to establish schemes that support its falls prevention work.

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