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Breakthrough technology for people with diabetes available in York

NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning group has adopted the NHS England commissioning position on FreeStyle Libre to allow people with Type 1 diabetes to self-manage glucose levels.

FreeStyle Libre is a handheld device which scans over a sensor applied to the skin to measure interstitial glucose levels – an alternative to routine finger-prick blood glucose testing. This results in a quick and painless glucose reading, a near-continuous record of measurement and an indication of level trends over time.

Dr Andrew Lee, the CCG’s Executive Director of Primary Care and Population Health said: “The CCG are delighted to be able to offer FreeStyle Libre in the Vale of York. Over 1600 members of our population live with type 1 diabetes and this new technology offers a chance to revolutionise diabetes self-management and give people even more control over their health.

“Being able to monitor glucose readings digitally and access recordings on demand is an example of the brilliant digital resources we have in the NHS.”

Eligible people will be initiated on to FreeStyle Libre through the Diabetes Specialist Team at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Local GPs will then issue their patients with a prescription for two Freestyle Libre sensors per month until a six month re-assessment.

Tara Kadis, Lead Diabetes Nurse, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “To evidence the impact of FreeStyle Libre and ensure usage is improving diabetes self-management, Vale of York patients must be provided with; education on Flash Glucose Monitoring, agree to regular reviews with the clinician team and agree to scan their glucose levels at least 8 times a day per day.

“People with type 1 diabetes who are interested in FreeStyle Libre can speak to their GP to check for eligibility and referrals to the York Diabetes Specialist Team.”

Current evidence suggests that users of FreeStyle Libre may reduce the number of hypoglycaemic events (when blood sugar levels are too low) per day by over 25%. Device accuracy and clinical acceptability also proved better than finger prick testing.

For more information on FreeStyle Libre and a full list of eligibility criteria please visit:

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