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Training and Development

This page shows just some of the many training schemes and development opportunities available for care providers across York and North Yorkshire. This include training opportunities delivered by the ourselves and a range of partner organisations, as well as links to other organisations such as Skills for Care who have a wealth of further support and resources available. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like adding to this section please get in touch. 

  • For more information on our React to Red Pressure Ulcer Prevention Training programme, please follow this link
  • For more information on our Recognising and Responding to Deteriorating Residents Training, please follow this link.
  • For more information on the React to Falls Prevention Training Programme, please follow this link.
  • For more information on Hand Hygiene and PPE Training including resources, please follow this link
  • For more information on Improving Hydration in Care Home Residents Training, please follow this link
  • For more information on Oral Health Training, please follow this link.

Can't Find The Training You are Looking For? Please contact and we will endeavour to help

Upcoming Training Sessions, Learning Opportunities and Events


Date, Venue and Time


Booking Details

Skills for Care Local Area Briefing- Leadership

Wednesday 25 January 2023, 13:30 - 15:00 via Zoom

This event will focus on:

  •  Explore leadership at all levels
  • Consider the impact of leadership on organisational culture
  •  Learn about Skills for Care’s leadership support offer

For more information and to book, please follow this link

 York Carers Awareness Training

All sessions take place from 10.30-12.30 via Zoom

Tues 25th April

Mon 26th June

Weds 27th Sept

 Tues 23rd Jan 2024


This offers an introduction to York Carers Centre and how they can identify and support unpaid carers:

It is an opportunity for professionals to learn more about York Carers Centre and the support available for unpaid carers across the city.

  1. Increase understanding of carers, their role and its effect on their lives.
  2. Opportunity to explore how we as professionals working in the health and social care field can help to: identify carers early; recognise them as ‘partners’ in care; help carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing.

The session will include a presentation, have brief introductions, share information around current carer issues (such as Covid-19/isolation), engage in discussions, include a quiz and share links to carer films on YouTube.  One of their Volunteer Carer Champions plans to share her experiences also.

To book your place please contact

Networking for Learning Disability Nurses in Social Care

Wednesday 08 February 13.30-16.00 (Online)

Many learning disability nurses work in social care settings, in a wide variety of roles. It can be isolating sometimes, particularly if you don’t have other learning disability nurses in your organisation.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Learning Disability Nursing Forum has organised an online networking event for learning disability nurses working in social care to help nurses connect with each other, share experiences, and identify ways to support each other. 

For more information please follow this link.

The Outstanding Society

Thursday 16 February 1.00-2.00

This months virtual meeting will be looking at strengthening equality, inclusion and diversity within Social Care. The network is open to all care providers including both those who are CQC rated Outstanding and those aspiring to be.

For further information please follow this link

How can Technology Support the Delivery of Care?

Tuesday 21 February 2.00-2.45 (Online)

This webinar will explore the different types of technology currently being utilised to support the provision of quality care. It will include a panel of employers and representatives from the sector talking about their experiences and how they made the case for digital in their organisations.

For more information please follow this link

Skills for Care Webinar- Providing Evidence to CQC

Wednesday 01 March 10.00-10.45

This webinar will provide insight into how other adult social services gather and share evidence with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It will provide the opportunity to ask questions about adapting to meet the evidence requirements of the new CQC Single Assessment Framework.

For more information please follow this link

Skills for Care Local Briefings-CQC and Quality Improvement

Wednesday 22 March 2023, 13:30 - 15:00 via Zoom

  • Consider the future changes in CQC inspection and what it might mean for your service
  • Examine what the CQC strategy tells us about their priorities for the next 5 years
  • Be aware of Skills for Care resources including action plans, checklists and the inspection toolkit that might help you prepare for CQC or other quality inspections

For more information and to book, please follow this link

BD Bodyguard Syringe Driver Training

Thursday 23 March 9.30-12.30 at Selby War Memorial Hospital 

These sessions are designed for care home nurses from the York and Selby area. This will cover when to appropriate to put one in place, knowledge of commonly used medicines and dilatants and how to set up a syringe driver. 

Further information is available through this link

To book please contact EOLC Single Point of Coordination

Skills for Care Webinar: Improving Your CQC Rating (Advanced)

Wednesday 29 March 10.00-3.30

This seminar is for services who have fallen below CQC standards and are looking for practical ways to recover and achieve a Good rating.

This half-day facilitated seminar brings together frontline managers to learn about step-by-step ways to drive forward improvements within adult social care services.

This interactive seminar looks in more depth at issues introduced in Skills for Care’s Improving your CQC rating digital learning module. Completion of the digital learning module is not required to join the seminar.

For further information please follow this link

Stoma Case: Back to Basics Roadshow

 3 May 2023 at Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust are hosting an event open to care providers as an introduction to stoma care, including surgical procedures, how to change a stoma bag and stoma complications. Further information can be found through this link

To book your place please contact Please note limited places are available

BD Bodyguard Syringe Driver Training

Monday 15 May 9.30-12.30 at St Monica's Hospital, Easingwold

These sessions are designed for care home nurses from the York and Selby area. This will cover when to appropriate to put one in place, knowledge of commonly used medicines and dilatants and how to set up a syringe driver. 

Further information is available through this link

To book please contact EOLC Single Point of Coordination

Free Bitesize Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness Sessions

Daily Sessions Monday 23 January-31 January

To mark Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (Monday 23rd January – 29th January 2023), Humber and North Yorkshire Cancer Alliance is supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust campaign to raise awareness of NHS Cervical Screening by offering free bitesize cervical cancer prevention awareness sessions.


We want everyone to have the support and facts they need to feel comfortable to access cervical screening. That’s why we've put together a bitesize session to teach people about:

  • The signs and symptoms of cervical cancer
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccination programme
  • What happens at a cervical screening test
  • Hints, tips and experiences that will help women and people with a cervix feel more able to book a test

Sessions are open to anyone living or working in Humber and North Yorkshire. To reserve your place visit the Eventbrite booking page.

Immedicare Virtual Training Sessions

All care homes who have the Immedicare service in place are able to access a range of virtual training sessions. 

  • UTI's
  • Diabetes Care
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Catheter Care
  • Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia
  • PRN and Homely Remedies
  • React to Red
  • End of Life Care
  • Verification of Expected Death
  • Top 2 Toe
  • Medication Issues
  • End of Life Care
  • Verification of Expected Death

The February timetable can found through this link. 

York Core Diabetes Curriculum (YCDS) Education Sessions- Vale of York Area Providers

Sessions throughout 2023

The Diabetes Team from York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have arranged a series of free training events and update sessions running throughout 2023.  These are designed for the primary care sector, however may also be useful for social care staff. A summary of the curriculum can be found through this link.

For further information and to book, please follow this link

Training Provider/Organisation Information


Assessment and Diagnosis of Dementia: A Personalised Approach eLearning


The above course has now been available on Health Education England's eLearning hub. It has been developed by University College London (UCL) in partnership with NHS England and Improvement’s Dementia and OPMH Policy team to support colleagues involved in assessment and diagnosis of dementia to deliver a flexible, person centred service. 20 sessions within the course cover a range of topics including cognitive assessment, considerations for different modes of consultation, and post diagnosis support.

Home First, Act Now e-learning Programme 

Health Education England’s e-learning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has worked with NHS England and NHS Improvement, The Queen’s Nursing Institute, Allied Health Professionals and the Department of Health and Social Care, to develop the new Home First, Act Now e=learning programme. The programme supports health and care professionals involved in the discharge process, to act in a way that values patient time and helps facilitate safe and timely discharge from hospital. The e-learning programme also aims to increase awareness around Home First Principles in the Discharge Policy.

By completing the sessions, learners will understand the principles of Home First, benefit from first hand case study examples and be able to share best practice. Home First, Act Now is suitable for a range of health and care professionals including nurses, AHPs, care staff and students across NHS providers, commissioners and social care. Sessions available as part of the programme include:

  • Section 1: The principles of Home First
  • Section 2: Working together
  • Section 3: Valuing people’s time
  • Self assessment questionnaire.

For more information about the e-learning, including how to access it, please visit the HEE elfh Home First, Act Now programme page.

Improvement Academy

The Improvement Academy are operated by Bradford Institute for Health Research, and offer a range of training relevant to the care sector. This include bronze and silver awards in quality improvement, which provide are an introduction to a model of improvement and how to use in practice within your sector. Other training modules include achieving behaviour change, understanding data for improvement and human factors training.

Humber and North Yorkshire Cancer Champions

 These virtual Cancer Champion training sessions help raise awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer to encourage early detection within local communities. The 90-minute session will be available to anybody from across the Humber and North Yorkshire area, and aims to save lives by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging early detection of cancer, when treatment could be simpler and more successful. You'll gain the confidence and knowledge to have life-saving conversations about cancer and everyone who completes the course will receive a copy of our virtual handbook, a certificate and a badge to show they have taken part.

DSPT Team North East and Yorkshire (NHS England and Improvement)

 The team provide regular sessions to help providers reach both Approaching Standards and the Standards Met levels of the Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT), as well as tailored individual support to providers as needed. For more information please email:

Project ECHO Palliative Care Skills Network

The Project ECHO Team based at St Leonards Hospice are welcoming all staff working in care services across the Vale of York to attend their new palliative care network. These sessions will be delivered by specialist palliative care staff from across the sector, and will be an opportunity for learning, shared experience and to enhance palliative care skills. For more information please contact:

T34 Syringe Driver Training

Further information on upcoming training sessions available to nursing staff across the patch to support in using syringe drivers can be found below.

Continence Team- York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Hospital

The continence team offer regular bowel and bladder, and catherterisation session available to social care staff. For more information please

Palliative Care for People with Learning Disabilities Network

The PCPLD aim to raise awareness of the palliative care needs of people with learning disabilities, to share and promote ‘best practice’ and to enhance collaboration between all services providers, carers and people with a learning disability. They provide resources, webinars and training that may be helpful to providers.

Barclays Digital Eagles

Free training and support for care providers with tablet devices to help get the most out of them to connect residents with families and staff with clinicians.

5 different sessions are available with training taking place every weekday- Getting Started, Entertainment, Digital Safety, Connectivity, Rapid Run Through.

Skills for Care

An independent charity working in the social care sector, who provide guidance and courses to help recruit, develop and lead high quality staff.

Dietetics Training- York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The dietetics team from York Hospital are now able to offer nutrition training to interested staff from Vale of York care homes. The training is anticipated to take 30 minutes-1 hour and will help those taking part a greater knowledge of nutrition to help embed in their service. To express an interest in this training please email Nutrition&Dietetics@YORK.NHS.UK

University of Hull- 'Coping with Behaviours that Challenge in Dementia' e-Learning 

University of Hull have created an online course that has been updated in 2019 to align it with changes in treatment and pathways for people with dementia. Module 3 in particular has been found useful by the using it, as it assists staff to make rational decisions on unmet health and psychosocial needs in people with dementia who challenge caregivers. It also helps signpost professionals to what care homes and family carers may need to deliver these ‘biopsychosocial’ support plans. To access this training you will need to create an account.

City of York Council

City of York Council’s Workforce Development Unit offer a large number of training sessions relevant to health and social care staff. Some of this training is available to providers free of charge and others will come with a small cost.

To book on to these courses you will need to register for a MyLo account. For any queries please contact:

The Skills Platform

The Skills Platform was created in collaboration between Skills for Health and The National Skills Academy, and is an excellent resource for browsing a large number of training and e-learning courses suitable for health and social care staff.

Dementia Friends Training  Dementia   Friends   is a social action group organised by Alzheimer’s   Society to   raise awareness, and to help those living with   dementia. For more information on how to become a Dementia Friend, please follow the opposite link.

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