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This page contains news and updates relevant to our practice nurses  in the Vale of York. The most important and most recent news can be found on this page, for older updates please browse our previous editions of The Practice Nurse Engagement Bulletin.

21 October 2021-Nurse Advocate Training Programme for Practice Nurses

Please find below details of below training programme which is fully funded by NHS England and Improvement. The application deadline is 4.00pm on 29 October 2021. Please submit the attached EOI form direct to  

The Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) Training Programme is a virtual accredited Level 7 master’s clinical professional development training programme that will run for 10 days but can vary over weeks or months. The criterion for the PNA training programme requires that you:

The training programme will equip registered nurses with the skills and knowledge to support the mental health and wellbeing of fellow colleagues and improvement of patient care.

The training will focus on the four functions of the Advocating for Education and Quality and Improvement (A-Equip) Model. The four functions of the A-Equip Model are as follows:

The full briefing/FAQ's can be found through this link, and the Expression of Interest Form through this link.

21 Ocotober 2021-Yorkshire and the Humber Flu Programme 2021-22- FAQs

Last year NHS England and Improvement introduced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document relating to the Flu Programme which was regularly refreshed throughout the season to address common queries in a timely way.

Please through this link the 2nd edition of the FAQs document. This is a live document so will be added to/updated regularly, therefore the updated version will be circulated over the next few months with refreshed or new questions highlighted in bold.

31 August 2021-GPMplus Mentoring Offer Available to Practice Nurses

Earlier this year YORLMC launched GPMplus – a mentoring service designed specifically for GPs, Practice Nurses, Practice Managers and other practice staff with leadership responsibilities. The service is funded through GPFV grant funding and so is free at the point of access, and all mentees are able to receive at least 8 hours of mentoring support. It is available to anybody you would like to explore ways to develop themselves or have a career problem or opportunity they're not sure how to move forward with.

GPMplus can help with:

A leaflet is available that outlines the service, and more information can be found through the GPMplus website.

18 June 2021-Haxby Group Training Diary- Summer/Autumn 2021

Please find through this link details of opportunities available through Haxby Group Training over the upcoming months both virtually and in person. This includes:

30 April 2021-Trainee Nursing Associate Role- Supporting and Funding

 Please find through this link the slides shared at last week's Senior Practice Nurse Forum by Victoria Scorah from Haxby Group Training. This includes:

08 March 2021- Free Intercultural Counselling Sessions for Nursing

The NHS England and Improvement NEY Equality and Inclusion team are offering a time limited pilot of intercultural counselling sessions to nurses within the North East and Yorkshire region. These sessions are targeted at nursing staff whose first language is not English. The counselling can be in their mother tongue and provided by an intercultural counsellor. Our provider will offer multiple languages

Participants can self-refer and will undertake a virtual assessment, followed by up to 8 virtual sessions. These sessions will be held via Zoom/Phone.During Wave I of the pandemic, support for Pilipino nurses allowed them to make a case to support other staff from ethnic minority communities. There is also a drive to recruit 30,000 nurses from overseas.  Therefore, it is vital they plan support for multi-lingual/bi-lingual nurses.

This service is now starting up and is open for up to 27 referrals shared across North East and Yorkshire. This is available to all nurses working in NEY trusts OR nurses in NEY trusts who are also working in the community, or at a GP practice. For more information please follow this link.

22 January 2021- Nursing and Midwifery Student Supervision and Assessment

Please find a letter from the NMC which confirms the reintroduction of emergency standard E5.1 allowing nursing students to be supervised and assessed by the same person whilst on placement, therefore providing practice partners with greater flexibility to support students.

24 December 2020- Merry Christmas to all our Practice Nurses and HCA’s

As we get to this time of year – we always look for a well-deserved break, fun times with our loved ones and reflect back on what has happened during the year.

Well, it’s hard to believe what everyone has been through, and none more so than our Practice Nurses. You have needed to adapt quickly, keep up to date with endless national updates and changes, prioritise a list of never ending priorities, keep yourselves and your patient safe, roll out the biggest flu vaccination program ever and to top it off – roll out Covid vaccination! And always maintaining compassion and kindness central.

So please ahead of what may be a short and different Christmas break – take a deep breath (or two!), give yourself the biggest hug and congratulate yourself on what you have achieved. We at the CCG are in awe of what you have done. And whilst this isn’t over, things do look brighter …but for now at least enjoy your break and smother yourself with a little self-care.

Take care of yourselves, let others care for you if possible, enjoy Christmas and hoping the New Year is a bright one

08 October 2020- The Courage of Compassion- Supporting nurses and midwives to deliver high-quality care

The Kings Fund have published a report aim to showing how to transform nurses’ and midwives’ workplaces so that they can thrive and flourish and are better able to provide the compassionate, high-quality care that they and those they serve wish them to deliver. The report examines the workplace stressors, organisational cultures, working contexts and leadership styles that impact on nurse and midwife wellbeing and mental health, both before and during Covid-19. It sets out how these can be changed to provide dramatically improved working environments and contexts for nursing and midwifery practice, thereby benefiting nurses, midwives, patients, women, families and communities.

The report’s scope covers all nursing and midwifery staff and students, including healthcare assistants and nursing associates. It spans all four UK countries, all types of employer (including the NHS, GP practices, local authorities and the independent sector), all areas of practice and all care settings where nursing and midwifery staff operate, including primary care, secondary care, mental health, community care and social care.

To read the summary version of this report please follow this link, and for the full version please follow this link.


28 May 2020- Access to Immunisation Training

We have had a query regarding access to immunisation training – particularly as we need to ensure we are ready for the Flu Season. In case you missed it from bulletins sent direct to practices – attached and below is a summary of how e-learning can be accessed from Wendy Watson, Screening and Immunisation Coordinator. Hopefully this is helpful:

 It was announced in Vaccine Update in 2018 (page 6) and regularly in the vaccine fortnightly newsletter that  immunisers can access their annual update training via the ‘e-learning for Healthcare’ website, the training has been written and produced in collaboration from Health Education England and Public Health England, it was launched in March 18. The training covers all of the core standards required for annual update training (available through this link) Immunisers can still sign up to attend a face-to-face training update if you find one available as well as completing the e-learning.

Website details are below:

Registering with eLfH

The Training overview

 Also for your info we have recently had queries regarding initial training due to lack of face to face courses at the moment and the response has been as below which will be included within the next Vaccine newsletter

 Competence assessments developed by the RCN and PHE  to support the training and assessment of registered and non-registered health care workers who have a role in immunisation can be found through this link. The competences link to the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training (PHE, 2018) and the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training of Healthcare Support Workers (PHE, 2015). These curricula describe the learning outcomes that should be covered by immunisation training courses.

The knowledge component of the assessment states:

1a. Can provide evidence of attendance at a specific, comprehensive immunisation training course (the course should cover all of the topics detailed in the Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training and/or provide evidence of completing an immunisation e-learning programme. (State the name of course/type of training attended.)

Face to face training provides the opportunity to discuss local issues and any recent updates which may not be in the existing guidance, therefore it is important if e learning is used that local issues and any recent changes to the immunisation schedule are identified and discussed as part of the assessment and mentorship

The responsibility for ensuring staff are appropriately trained is that of the employer so they have to ensured that any training the staff undertake reaches the national  minimum standards and they have a process for assuring the staff member is competent.

Some practices have devised their own training using the standards and a process of competency and mentorship within practice.

25 February 2020- Diary of the Nurse Blog

 Please follow this link to an innovative blog from a newly qualified nurse applying for practice nursing. You might want to use this in some of your recruitment campaigns. 

07 January 2020- Physical Activity Clinical Champions Training

You may be interested in some training sessions delivered by Public Health England with a national network of expert Physical Activity Clinical Champions.  The network is delivering free, tailored, peer to peer 1-3 hours training sessions to groups of healthcare professionals at a time and location to suit local needs e.g. Vocational Training Schemes, lunchtime learning, etc.  You can find out more through this link.

07 January 2020- Guidance: Registered Nursing Associates Training in Cervical Sample Taking

Please find through this link guidance produced by NHS England and Improvement, Health Education England and Public Health England regarding Nursing Associates undertaking Cervical Cytology. This has been created due to some confusion around supervision and training. Please note that this guidance is necessary because the Nursing Associates although on the NMC register are not able to perform cervical smears as they are not a listed professional on the TDDI legislation register. Those currently undergoing training and supervision have been captured in a national pilot to learn from how this legislation applies.

26 November 2019- Cervical Cytology Screening- Surepath Kit Disposal

You may be aware that Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust are taking over delivery of the NHS Screening Programme for the North East, and will be introducing new kits for smear testing. A Vale of York Lead Nurse has queried with them how to dispose of old surepath kit boxes, and it has been clarified that unopened kits can be returned to the trust through the courier who collects the samples. However GP surgeries have responsibility for disposing of opened kit boxes.

22 October 2019- Improving identification of people with a learning disability: guidance for general practice

NHS England and Improvement have launched a new set of guidance for general practice to help identify those with a learning disability. To view the guidance please follow this link.

22 October 2019- Your Path in Research

A new campaign to encourage more healthcare professionals to get involved in research has been launched by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). Coinciding with the birthday of James Lind, a pioneer of clinical trials in the 1700s, Your Path in Research showcases a range of ways healthcare professionals can learn more about the research happening around them every day, as well as how they can take their first or next step in a research career with the NIHR. Find out more, and use our hashtag in social media: #yourpathinresearch







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