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Updated: 4 Jan 2017

Engaging and involving our stakeholders

The engagement and involvement of patients, partners and other stakeholders is intrinsic to the commissioning and procurement of services. 

We have created a range of engagement and involvement opportunities to gather the views of patients, service users and other stakeholders. The information we received is rich in personal experience and helps us to shape commissioning decisions, service specifications and improvement programmes.

In this section you can find out more about:


Giving feedback and getting involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved with your local NHS and help it work better for you and our local community.


Attend an event or meeting

We regularly attend and are involved in local meetings and events with stakeholders, the public and our partners.

In addition we hold a number of public facing events and drop in sessions where we welcome our local community to come along and have their say, find out about updates and plans and meet our commissioning team.



External meetings:


Our public engagement work in the community - Big conversations

Between July and October 2017 we hosted a number of public engagement and involvement events across the Vale of York. Within this time period we arranged and attended over 40 sessions and spoke to over 550 people from within the local population.

We worked with local community hubs and libraries, the voluntary sector and GP patient participation groups (PPGs) to arrange attendance at different locations and forums across the Vale of York footprint. 

Click here to join the conversation and find out more about our programme of events and to read what our population is telling us.


Developing engagement networks

Building on the visions of the ‘Involving Local Communities 2016-19’ engagement strategy we are ensuring that our work with patients and the public can be incorporated into our structures and operations. You can find out more about our engagement strategy and action plan here.

Patients and members of the public are represented through a number of channels including:

  • Close patnership working with Healthwatch York and Healthwatch North Yorkshire and voluntary sector services
  • GP clinical lead – providing a clinical overview and representing the patient voice at the clinical executive meetings
  • Get involved section of our website – highlights the areas where patients and the public can become involved in the work of the CCG
  • Attendance of voluntary and patient groups at committee meetings – such as the Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) and  the Quality and Patient Experience committee (QPEC)
  • Our staff's attendance and involvement at forums across the Vale of York - including carers advisory groups, older people’s assemblies, Healthwatch and voluntary sector meetings and patient participation groups


    About our engagement work

    The CCG’s engagement work is built upon strong foundations. These are:

    An example of our conversations with local stakeholders was the DISCOVER programme which asked the community ‘what do good mental health and learning disability services look like?’ DISCOVER led to the co-production of a service specification for the mental health and learning disability services contract for the Vale of York, allowing us to commission innovative care and treatment that local stakeholders said they wanted.

    In another, novel approach to gaining stakeholder views, we handed the commissioning reins over to the public.  Our ‘Be the commissioner’ event was a simplified version of the commissioning process but it gave participants the chance to play the role of the CCG and make healthcare commissioning decisions. The feedback provided us with an alternative, deeper insight into the views of local people.

    Our conversations with the local community