Summary Care Records

Updated on 3 September 2018

Adding information to your summary care record

Your Summary Care Record (SCR) is a brief, up to date summary of your medical records, which is confidentially stored at your registered GP practice.

If you are registered with a GP practice in England you will have an SCR, unless you have previously chosen not to have one. It tells health and care staff important information about your health, including:

  • Medicines you are taking
  • Allergies you suffer from
  • Any bad reactions to medicines

There may be times when you need to be treated by health and care staff who don’t know your medical history – in an emergency or when you’re on holiday, for example - and you may struggle to remember essential details about your healthcare, especially if you’re unwell or have complex care needs.

In these situations, health and care staff treating you can ask if they can see your SCR to ensure they can treat you quickly and safely.

You can choose to have additional information included in your SCR. Such information you might want to add to your SCR includes:

  • Your long term health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart problems or rare medical conditions
  • Your relevant medical history – clinical procedures that you have had, why you need a particular medicine, the care you are currently receiving and clinical advice to support your future care
  • Your healthcare needs and personal preferences – you may have particular communication needs, a long term condition that needs to be managed in a particular way, or you may have made legal decisions or have preferences about your care that you would like to be known
  • Immunisations – details of previous vaccinations, such as tetanus and routine childhood jabs

All information is confidential and only accessible to staff with NHS smartcards.

If you would like additional information included on your SCR, please complete this consent form and return it to your registered GP surgery.

For more information about SCRs, you can:

Talk to staff at your GP surgery
Call 0300 303 5678

Resources for patients

Easy read leaflet about including additional information on your SCR
Consent form for existing patients
Consent form for new patients