Self Care Week 2018 - 12-18 November

What is Self Care Week?

Self Care Week, which takes place 12-18 November this year, is an annual campaign organised by the Self Care Forum to raise awareness about the benefits of self care and what people can do to take care of their own health. The theme of this year’s Self Care Week is: choose self care for life.

How is the CCG marking Self Care Week?

Vale of York residents are being invited to contribute self-care pledges to an evolving health exhibition in York during Self Care Week 2018.

NHS Vale of Clinical Commissioning Group is hosting the exhibition, and wants members of the public to sign pledge cards detailing ways in which they can improve their health and wellbeing. These pledges will be added to the display as they are made.

The display - which will be hosted in the foyer at West Offices, Station Rise, throughout Self Care Week - will also feature information about how people can take steps to improve their own health and wellbeing, with leaflets, postcards and other educational material available.

The CCG's Prevention and Better Health Strategy

The CCG has a statutory responsibility for improving the health of the Vale of York’s population as well as providing individual patient-centred care for health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. 

Maximising health is a critical element in achieving a sustainable health service into the future.  Our Prevention and Better Health strategy has been developed to demonstrate how focusing our efforts on prevention, self-care and shared decision making can support a shift in the way health care resources are valued, and to empower patients to become more active participants in shaping their health outcomes.

Vale of York Healthy Hearts programme

The Vale of York Healthy Hearts programme was launched to help improve heart health among Vale of York residents and also aims to reduce the number of people dying prematurely from heart disease or other circulatory disease.

The ambitious project, which aims to reduce the number of people who die from cardiovascular disease by at least 10% in the next five years, focuses on three main areas:

Reducing cholesterol – By ensuring patients are on the most effective statin to lower blood cholesterol levels, which helps to reduce their risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Detecting high blood pressure (hypertension) – High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes if untreated, so it’s particularly important to detect those who don’t know they have it. Patients already identified with high blood pressure will be treated with the most effective medication available.

Atrial fibrillation and heart failure – Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate. Better treating patients with atrial fibrillation will help to reduce the number of strokes.

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How can you embrace self care for life?

Eat well and exercise regulalry - One way to embrace self care for life is by making healthy life choices now in order to look after themselves in the future. 

Self care is about living well and being healthy. Being active, eating healthily and learning when to self treat common ailments are all ways to embrace self care.

Treat minor illnesses and ailments at home using remedies from your local pharmacy - You can self-treat many minor illnesses and injuries at home by resting and using over-the-counter medicines available at your local pharmacy. Most simple ailments will begin to get better within a couple of days.

The CCG has teamed up with a number of Vale of York GPs to create a series of self-care videos, which are designed to help you self-treat common illnesses such as cold and flu at home using over-the-counter medicines. These can be viewed here.

Choose the most appropriate healthcare service for your needs - Choosing the right care, first time when you are unwell or injured is also important as it helps to ensure that you get the best treatment available and allows busy NHS services to provide treatment and care in the most appropriate setting.

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