Have you had your free flu vaccine?

Are you eligibe for a free flu vaccine?

Pregnant women, young children and people aged 65 and over are among those being encouraged to have their free flu vaccinations this winter. Read more

You are eligible for a free flu vaccine if you are one of the following: 

  • Pregnant          
  • Aged 65 and over          
  • A child aged between 2-8
  • Have certain long-term health conditions          
  • A carer

Contact your GP practice, local community pharmacy or midwife to arrange a flu vaccination.

For contact details of your local GP practice, visit www.nhs.uk

WATCH: Having the flu vaccine

The Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Barbara Boyce, and NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) accountable officer Phil Mettam talk about the importance of having flu vaccinations during a recent staff flu jab clinic.

Having the flu vaccine during pregnancy

The body’s immune system is weakened during pregnancy and so is less able to fight off infections. If you’re an expectant mother it is important to have the flu vaccination because flu can cause serious complications for you and your baby. Read more

You can receive your free flu jab at any stage of your pregnancy from your GP, pharmacist or midwife.

WATCH: Having the flu vaccine during pregnancy

Liz Ross, Head of Midwifery at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Debbie Scott, York Hospital's Antenatal Day Services Co-ordinator; and Debbie Winder, Head of Quality Assurance and Maternity at the NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), discuss the health benefits of having the flu vaccine during pregnancy and dispel some of the associated myths.

Busting myths about flu

Many people remain relucant to roll up their sleeves and have the flu vaccination because they believe it will give them flu, or believe some of the other myths about flu which do the rounds year after year. 

With that in mind, we've put together this article to separate flu fact from flu fiction to help you stay well this winter. Read more

Help keep hospital patients and staff safe from flu

Visitors to hospitals in the Vale of York area are being urged to help protect patients and staff by reducing the spread of flu. Read more

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