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Information Sources for Pharmacy Professionals


If you have checked the local formulary and local prescribing guidance and you are still unsure regarding the appropriateness of prescribing a drug then please email the CCG Medicines Optimisation Team. The team can offer professional advice and guidance, we can also help liaison with other healthcare professionals if required. The final decision is held with the prescriber.

Emailing the CCG Medicines Optimisation Team -

Partner Organisations

Medicines Information

Medicines – Prescribing Information

Medicines Pricing Information

Guidelines on Management of Specific Conditions

Please check the local formulary position for further information on medicines approved for prescribing in the Vale of York

National Patient Safety

Medicines Optimisation

Prescribing Data

Networking/Sharing Best Practice

Pharmacy Organisations/Associations



Non-Medical Prescribing

To add/change/remove a non-medical prescriber the appropriate form below must be completed by the GP Practice and send to the ‘authorised signatory’ at the CCG. Currently, this is the Head of Medicines Optimisation for the CCG

Community Pharmacy

Care Homes

Proxy Ordering