Joint Strategic Needs Assessments for the Vale of York

Published on 21 Apr, 2015

Every Health and Wellbeing Board produce and publish a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). In York this work is a shared responsibility between City of York Council and NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group.

The JSNA is a developing piece of work that analyses and identifies the current and future health and wellbeing needs of the local population. It will inform commissioning priorities that will help to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities across the city.

Joint Strategic Needs are assesses in a number of ways:

  • Counting  -  e.g. the numbers of cases of disease or people accessing services

  • Comparing – e.g. rates of disease by age, or sex, or ethnic status

  • Modelling  - using studies done elsewhere and applying them to the York population

  • Mapping – using place-based information to show where conditions are located

  • Consulting – asking people what they feel about themselves or about services

The CCG and City of York Council aim to use all of these methods to paint a detailed picture of local health and social care needs. A dedicated website for York’s JSNA will help to make sure the information in the JSNA more widely accessible.  To view the website go to

North Yorkshire County Council have published a Vale of York Summary as part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Annual Update 2015. This annual update highlights indicators where North Yorkshire could improve relative to the national average in the NHS Outcomes Framework, the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, the Public Health Outcomes Framework and other key profiles, click here to view.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment focuses on the following three areas:
• Improving the mental and emotional health of children and young people
• Supporting independent living for older people
• Reducing health inequalities

Click here for further information about the East Riding Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.