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Published on 22 Apr, 2016

The CCG commissions (buys) a wide range of services and treatments that are designed to meet the needs of everyone who live within the Vale of York area but some treatments are only beneficial to a very small group of patients.  Individual Funding Requests (IFRs) are the way that the CCG manages requests for treatment(s) that are not covered by ‘routine’ commissioning. 

An individual funding request (IFR) is appropriate where one of the following situations applies:

- The patient’s CCG has a general policy not to fund a healthcare intervention for the specified indication but a doctor considers his/her patient to be ‘exceptional’ to that policy,
- The patient’s CCG has no policy in place for the requested health care intervention and clinical indication, and the clinical circumstance is so rare that it is unlikely that any other patients will require the intervention,

- The procedure is subject to clinical criteria/threshold, but the referring clinician considers the patient to be clinically exceptional even though he/she does not meet the threshold criteria.

North East Commissioning Support currently manages the IFR process on behalf of the CCG.  The CCG is currently adhering to the clinical criteria/thresholds set by the former North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust (click here).  As clinical criteria/thresholds are updated, they will be added to the website.

Advice on the information the Panel require in order to consider Individual Funding Requests can be found in the CCG’s ‘Best Practice Guide to Individual Funding Requests’ - see below.

Guidance and Forms 



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