Precious prescriptions

Published on 20 October 2016

Did you know it is estimated that an incredible £1million is lost each year across the Vale of York through medicines waste alone? Here is how that money could be spent.

It is essential that we get the very best value from the money we are allocated to spend on healthcare for the local population. The cost of unused, over-ordered medicines could be used to fund services for people in our community who really need them.

Dr Shaun O’Connell, a local GP and the CCG’s Clinical Lead for Prescribing, said: “Unwanted medicine in the home represents a huge amount of waste and it is in everyone’s hands to protect our precious resources.

“It is estimated that medicines that are unused or surplus to requirements currently cost the NHS nationally around £300 million a year and it is thought that half of this waste is preventable, equating to £1 million for the Vale of York – money that could be used to benefit other areas of health and wellbeing.

“With a few simple considerations, patients could help save the NHS millions each year. This is our NHS, so let’s take care of it, together.”

We need patients that receive repeat prescriptions to think about what they order and to only ask for what they need. To help the local community to make better choices, the CCG has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the cost and pressure waste medicine has on the local health economy.

The campaign has several important messages and reminds the local community what they need to do.

Click on the images to download the posters.

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