Practice Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Engagement Bulletin

Last Updated: 06 June 2019

The Practice Nurse and Allied Health Professsionals Engagement Bulletin is a weekly update that aims to include information on the most relevant news, services and training for the practice nursing community in the Vale of York. If you have some news or training that would be of interest to others, please get in touch and will look to include it in future editions of the bulletin.

If you have missed an issue do not worry, all previous issues of the Practice Nurse Engagement can be found below for you to browse at your leisure. The most important and pertinent content from the bulletins is also available on the relevant sections of this site.

To reflect the changing roles within the work place the PNE will be renamed as the Practice Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Engagement going forward.

We aim to circulate the bulletin to all relevant staff in the Vale of York, however with staff changes new starters sometimes get missed from our mailing lists. If you do not currently receive regular weekly communications and would like to do so, please contact Sam Varo.

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