Last Updated 06 June 2019

This page contains news and updates relevant to our practice nurses and allied health professionals in the Vale of York. The most important and most recent news can be found on this page, for older updates please browse our previous editions of The Practice Nurse and Allied Health Professional Engagement Bulletin.


05 June 2019 - Digital Nurse Network update (Sent on behalf of Digital Nurse Network Team, NHS England)    

The network now has 280 members – that number is growing every day. Here are some updates from the Digital Nurse Network Team.

Future webinars

Webinar Two | 04 June 2019 Digital Transformation and cervical smear appointments

Webinar Three | 09 July 2019 NHS App update – what does it mean for nurses?

Digital Projects

This link is to a new digital projects form so you can share your projects with network. Please send the completed form to


The team is collecting your thoughts and ideas to help create a programme of work that is built around your needs and interest. Click here to tell them what you think

Further information

For more resources, guides and conversations join the online Digital Nurse Network community. A guide on how to access content can be found through this link.


05 June 2019 - NHS England Interim People Plan

The NHS England Interim NHS People Plan, developed collaboratively with national leaders and partners, sets a vision for how people working in the NHS will be supported to deliver that care and identifies the actions we will take to help them.  To access the plan please follow this link 


05 June 2019 - Illustrated Guide to Quality Improvement

NHS East London Foundation Trust has produced a useful introductory guide to quality improvement, including how to initially identify a quality issue and how to engage a team in quality improvement.

To view the guide please follow this link


29 May 2019- Calling all Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACP) and Physician Associates (PA)

The Humber, Coast and Vale Faculty of ACPs and PAs aims to ensure ACP and PA capacity meets service needs across the HCV region.  The faculty has just published some very useful information about recruitment, training and projects. Click here or email


21 May 2019 - Health Education England and NIHR Bridging Scheme

Are you a Nurse, Midwife, Allied Health Professional, Pharmacist or Healthcare Scientist? Have you completed or are about to complete a masters level degree or a PhD? Could you be looking to undertake a PhD or a post-doctoral level fellowship? Do you want to make a difference through undertaking high-quality clinical research? If so, the HEE/NIHR ICA bridging scheme will be of interest to you.

It offers a 12 month post-doctoral programme with an individual award of up to  £34,000 and up to £10,000 for the 6/12 month pre-doctoral programme (dependent on the date of submission for a fellowship). It is envisaged that the award will contribute towards salary backfill costs, training modules, travel expenses and access to high-quality academic mentorship.  Awardees will be released for up to 50% of their contracted hours to focus on the development of their research career and work towards a successful NIHR fellowship application. Advice regarding the scheme, funding award and the time release is available to help you negotiate your application with your manager.  Please contact Jo Simpson  on 07885 832199.

Applicants must be employed by a provider of health and/or care services that is providing at least 50% of its services free at the point of delivery.  The applicant must also be spending at least 50% of their current role delivering health and/or care services which are free at the point of delivery.  For more details please follow this link.

Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 5 July 2019 and interviews will be held week beginning 22 July 2019 in Leeds


21 May 2019 - Developing Apprenticeships Event

City and Guilds are arranging an event in Wakefield designed for apprenticeship managers, talent for care leads, learning and development manager and related roles. The event will take place on Thursday 19 June from 10:00-4:00 at Paragon Business Park, Wakefield.

The agenda includes input from across City & Guilds covering funding, digital solutions, information from industry experts regarding a range of apprenticeship standards and discussions about different ways of working with City & Guilds as well as describing the end point assessment service.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided. The draft agenda can be accessed through this link, and booking form through this link. If you wish to attend, please send completed booking forms to Geraldine Donworth by 10 June. 


21 May 2019 - Diabetes Education York

A Diabetes Locally Enhanced Service is offered to Primary Care in York. To take advantage of this it is recommended that at least one nurse and one GP from each surgery attend one full day of diabetes education every two years as a minimum. The Community Diabetes Team in York to deliver workshops which will be offered in three-hourly sessions at regular intervals throughout the year. The content will be updated on a rolling annual basis which will run June to June. This will provide nine hours training annually – additional/alternative training can be made up through e-learning, CP supervision, multi-agency training, etc

The afternoons are free to attend and have been arranged specifically for local primary care health care professionals who have an interest in diabetic medicine. Meetings will be led by Tara Kadis, Lead Diabetes Nurse, York Hospital and specialist colleagues from the Community Diabetes Team.

For more information please find the poster through this link


14 May 2019 - NMC Social Media Guidance

The NMC has published guidance for nurses and midwives using social media stating: If used responsibly and appropriately, social networking sites can offer several benefits for nurses, midwives, nursing associates and students. These include:

• Building and maintaining professional relationships

• Establishing or accessing nursing and midwifery support networks and being able to discuss specific issues, interests, research and clinical experiences with other healthcare professionals globally

• Being able to access resources for continuing professional development (CPD).


14 May - Functional Skills: Training and Replacement Certificates

Available through this link is guidance on how to obtain replacements for damaged or defaced functional skills certificates received in or since 2001, and how to evidence qualifications if certificates have been mislaid.

Health Education England have extended their offer of functional skills training, more information of which can be found through this link.


14 May 2019 - Nursing Associate Workshop

Please find through this link, the slides from the workshop that took place on 8 May based around introducing the role of nursing associates into primary, secondary and voluntary sectors. 


17 April 2019 - Medical Device Awareness Card

A new Medical Device Awareness Card has been launched, sponsored by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Airport Operators Association (AOA), which covers insulin pumps, CGMs and flash glucose monitoring devices including the Freestyle Libre. Due to potential damage, insulin pump and CGM manufacturers advise that the medical devices should not be exposed to x-ray screening or full-body airport scanners. Regulations allow passengers with these medical devices to ask for an alternative security screening process. The new card provides information for both the Security Officer and the passenger and can be downloaded directly from the CAA website. Campaign Organiser, Rachel Humphrey has had passport sized (8.5cm x 12.5cm) versions of the card printed and is providing them free of charge upon receipt of a stamped addressed envelope (UK only). For details please email or follow this link. Links to the posters can be found below:

Medical Device Awareness Card Poster v.1

Medical Device Awareness Card Poster v.2


17 April 2019 - Eligibility of Registered Nursing Associates to undertake cervical sample taker training

Through this link is a national message from PHE Screening regarding registered nursing associates undertaking.


2 April 2019- New Cervical Sample Taker Training- Deadline Extended

A reminder the Haxby Group Training are offering theoretical training for new cervical sample takers involved in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme, based on the guidance developed by Public Health England. The training is designed to provide practitioners with the latest evidence based knowledge to be able to confidently advise on, and undertake cervical samples. The basic training programme spans 1½ days and covers the following core topics:

  • The NHS Cervical Screening Programme – overview and background
  • Organisation of the programme
  • Equal access to cervical screening
  • Understanding the test results
  • Anatomy and physiology of the pelvic organs
  • Practical aspects and professional responsibilities

This programme is classroom based and no practical work is involved. Further sessions of this training and being run in September. Please return this form as soon as possible if you wish to register.