The CCG’s vision for digital health: Local digital roadmap

Published on 31 Jan, 2017

Digital healthcare looks at how developments in technology can benefit provision and transform the delivery of healthcare. The Local Digital Roadmap, (LDR), initiative is the NHS response to the government’s vision of joined up, paper- free health and social care services by 2020.

In September 2015, a three-step process to achieve this work began, requiring health and social care to work together to develop local plans to deliver this vision.

Step 1

Organisation of local commissioners, providers and social care partners into LDR footprints. Together, the Vale of York and Scarborough and Ryedale form a footprint and have developed a joint LDR. These plans are being coordinated with plans from two other LDR footprints within the Humber, Coast and Vale Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) location.

Step 2

NHS providers within LDR footprints completed a Digital Maturity Self-assessment.

Step 3

Development of LDRs to set out how the ambition of ‘paper-free at the point of care’ by 2020 will be delivered.

The CCG is now at Stage 3 and plans are evolving to deliver key aspirations, to ensure that:

  • Health and social care organisations have the capability to be effective digital users and have the ability to share information to provide seamless care;
  • The technology is available and deployed to connect all organisations to support transformational delivery of  care plans; and
  • Individuals have secure digital access to personal health and social care records.

The roadmap is a living document and will evolve as plans mature and develop between now and 2020.

The CCG’s initial assessment and plan is available here.